Monday, December 31, 2007


i am tired everyday since the 2oth is also one of the reasons why i keep posting sorry&but i know this is one of the consequences of what the stupid thing i really scares me what to happen next.. but i had no choice but to accept besides this is a compromise.. tho these things happened on me,still i had a lot of things to thank for everyday.. i will always be thankful for my family's health, safety and especially for my honey.. how much i appreciated him but my problem is i can't show that much on him.. honey i dont have any regrets and what if's since i met u..since we're together..since i stole i love u so much...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Compilation of Lost Chances

as what to expect, mgkxma kmi..we've been together shopping for the gifts to yan tuloy nothin' left to both of us..but anyway sya naman ei..hangin' around at the mall holdin' hands ..sosyal prang park having him 4 bout 16 months, ngayon lng naiba ung excena... but still there are things to expect prin..ung conflict or hassles every our day..aun routine n un.. meron at meron tlga issue, conflicts,o r prob rising in..but anyways wla nmn nkkpagsisisi dun..tho my mga happy with my soooo happy and sooo in love..khit lagi aq inaasar nyan..actually my tampo p nga q s kanya ei..xa n bhala mkadiscover nun..i dunno if he knows what i really want at nang aasar lng or tlgang he's not aware of it..after a tring whole day, mlamng d prin kmin nghiwalay...we ate together at our crib then konting chika pa..before he went noche buena eve he came back...i really appreciate his acts..ngstay p din xa s bhay till dawn n..khit pagod n xa all day aun mgksma prin kmi..binantyan nia q while im sleeping..sweet noh..but the truth is nglaro kc xa s pc..harf.. harf.. harf..
i went to his crib to wake him up.. dhil nga s a 6 am n xa umuwi gling smen aun deadz s higaan c loko...sarap tlaga pgmasdan an asawa q while sleeping..prang ang amo at ang bait..hahahaha.....he so gorgeous matulog..ewan q oh maxado lng aqng in love..hehehe... funny of me.. i did a lot of crazy and naughty things to wake him...tinablan nmn xa..but the case is, he's not alone at their cribs..aun...kakahiya..arnel was there, he's younger bro...buti n lng the guy was drunk last nyt kea d nmn xa naabala..loko tlaga ung asawa q hmpf!..kung ngkataon kahiya sa bro in law..hihihi. this is also a pampiyampiyampskin day[?].. sobra kc c hon ei..hehehe..
so tired for the past days..ksama n lhat..stress, emotions and physically... kea e2 mghapon nkahiga lng plus the rain factor and mom doin' nothing the whole day..katuwa sarap turuan ni mama mging tmad..hehehe....we just sitting together telling stories in the past and quite chizmisan lunch, we decided to had a muvee marathon...marathon sna kea lng ung dvd hindi mganda ung copy...and then it end up me wathcin alone..tyinaga q n lng...i was so curious about one more chance kc..and damn its its great tlga..i promised to buy an original copy of it..sayang i want to watched it p nmn with my honey..wla ei he has a man ei..hehehe
whoa tlga! so excited today coz im gonna see my honey..tho i had to lie pa..but if its for him nmn ok lng.. khit n i promised to lessen na un..ewan q y i feel like i want to surprised and flatter him..d nmn aq laging ganun s kanya..minsan lng but today is diffrent..kea pla..he has something today that would ruined the rest of the week!...naiinis aq sobra..he said he did nothing wrong..maybe if i do the same ska nia lng mrealize..hon i don't want this scenario happen again..auq nga ng ng aaway tau ei...but what u did is tlagang nka2ubos ng patience to the fact na it was d second time u did with the same person involve and yet earned same results..gusto m b ng laging ganun?!....tho it happened we stayed together..cguro we just don't want to waste the moments khit asar aq s knya...but the kiss...its so diffrent din that nyt...dhil cguro din ngayon lng nmmn npractice ung sa totoo lng..ang galing..hehehe....pero sad prin...we end up the day at nghiwalay tau ng msama prin loob q sau.. ur changing..or aq..i'm confused pero seriously u changed a lot..lalo n pagdating sten..either u changed or hindi plng cguro kita ganun prin..he said nauubos n patience nya sken..but i know its could be the one you love would loose patience on nga ei d q pcnsyosa but still we're together..amazing ryt..even me myself amazed that fact..badtrip i was suppsed to post it last black out pa..badtrip tlga and it scares me a lot..mag 1 lng kc q s harap ng pc..and i hate the sounds inside our for real, ntakot tlga q...

Monday, December 24, 2007

An Empty Me

here i am again.. i kip myself bc para mkrecover.. ganun pla tlga and some of the advices didn't rily help at ol. mas pang depress lng ang mga un... gusto q umakyat ng famy.mgrefresh at magmuni2x.. auq kc ng sobrang loaded taz mgstart ulit nxt year ung mga hassle.. kaso hindi pwde una d ppyag honey koh at isa p c mama wla kxma...i 'll be suffering these n ata all my life..whew! sbgay its my fault... hope i wouldn't gt insane by this!hayyy,... i'll juz wait for my karma..or kung eto n un gosh!never ending hah

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Sorry

this is supposed to be a happy times but it was not...
this was the real start..
ang hirap at ang bigat sa dibdib..where in u know everything is fine yet i, to myself know there was a lot to bother and still would be in me forever..After doing so many mistakes in the past ngayon lng aq tnablan ng ganito.. i tot it was just as simple as before, but its different..hindi ko alam n ganito pala un. I promise na this was the last time n tlagang mafifil ko toh..And I don't want to feel this s*** again.. Pagkatapos nito mlaking pagbabago na..Ikaw ang magi2ng inspirasyon ko. ptawarin mo ko s ngawa ko sau..But I'm willing to make up alam koh wla na un magagawa kea hanggang bawi na lng ako sau.. Hindi ko alam kung panu koh ipa2kiusap n sana maintindihan mo dahil kung ako nsa sitwasyon mo d q din maiintindhan and i know it just as normal rxn to hate me..How could i be so damn selfish and selfcentered. Ngayon after what I did ska koh mgccc?! Cause I am afraid now. For u and for me.. Auq ng masaktan ka at ayaw ko rin lalo n my mkasakit p sau. i would be the last as***** could hurt u.. I won't allow anybody.. Lahat ng pwedeng sacrifices I will.. I'm sorry, so sorry..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Life

he’s my life..i can’t imagine living without him&though i used to be a freelancer he made me feel i can’t pursue life alone; that i might be needing him always..he’s been my angel he knew the real me.. i can’t pretend when he’s around. i can’t be an actress of myself when i’m already his.. he completed i love this guy of my life..


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