Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Sorry

this is supposed to be a happy times but it was not...
this was the real start..
ang hirap at ang bigat sa dibdib..where in u know everything is fine yet i, to myself know there was a lot to bother and still would be in me forever..After doing so many mistakes in the past ngayon lng aq tnablan ng ganito.. i tot it was just as simple as before, but its different..hindi ko alam n ganito pala un. I promise na this was the last time n tlagang mafifil ko toh..And I don't want to feel this s*** again.. Pagkatapos nito mlaking pagbabago na..Ikaw ang magi2ng inspirasyon ko. ptawarin mo ko s ngawa ko sau..But I'm willing to make up alam koh wla na un magagawa kea hanggang bawi na lng ako sau.. Hindi ko alam kung panu koh ipa2kiusap n sana maintindihan mo dahil kung ako nsa sitwasyon mo d q din maiintindhan and i know it just as normal rxn to hate me..How could i be so damn selfish and selfcentered. Ngayon after what I did ska koh mgccc?! Cause I am afraid now. For u and for me.. Auq ng masaktan ka at ayaw ko rin lalo n my mkasakit p sau. i would be the last as***** could hurt u.. I won't allow anybody.. Lahat ng pwedeng sacrifices I will.. I'm sorry, so sorry..

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