Friday, April 11, 2008

after all

now i know, i won't give up what is already mine..i won't let anything made us apart..either i'll change or i'll understand...i'm willing to wait and be patient..i love you more and can't afford to loose you..that's why i'm willing just to be with you, just to be happy, just to be contented and complete with you...pardon me for my shortcomings..i love you more.. each day passed i am feeling it..i just realized that it is not the same without you...thank you for continous loving me..thank you for being with me.. thank you for your unconditional love...thank you for the heaven you are giving me..thank you..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

panu ba?

why do i feel this?bkit parang my unusual?sino b my kulang?sino b m problema?panu na lang?do i have to decide nb?anu n lang mangyayari?hanggang d2 n lang.ay bakit kasi laging ganun n lang.kelangan cguro muna mgrefresh..haixxx??..(confused)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


if u are thinking of a break-up think of the following first: can you live happily without her/him? can you wake up in the morning knowing that no msgs will be receive by a particular sender? can you end your day without sharing to someone whom you used to? can you answer the questions "where,how is he/her"of your friends with a smile in your face? can you gaze with the star and dreaming alone? are you happy building your future alone? can you say you are happy and contented without him/her? are you happy each day it passed knowing it all ends? ...... it's a hard decision if u are used with relationship..if little thoughts or conflicts bother your relationship all you need is a nice conversation and openess. pride can't help even a little. changes is normal in everything,everybody and everyday the thing you had to do to cope with it is adjustment, understanding and time to can't just let wonderful dreams slipped that way. be brave, accept the fact, accept the person as it is, guide him/her to change the way you want but don't forced remember to respects oneself. explain the reason and how will it help the relationship. there are lots of reason to enjoy your life. specifically love life. don't let it spoiled by nonsense thoughts and little arguments. talk and eventually you both understand each sides. let pride excluded inside!..

Monday, April 7, 2008

the escapades

picture taken at intramuros manila.with bunso and hmmmmm...after the play oidepus at sm manila..wla lang magawa sayang ang day..hehehe..di kmi close nuh?.
nice nuh..its me and bunso at room while having a class..bored kasi at badtrip ang envi that time..hehehehe
this is our play..i'm very proud of this one kahit na it didn't turn out that good..but this is the best play held at the d---- school.nakakatuwa this is a 6 person play everybody has dual or more roles to performed..marami ang naiinggit that's why till now maraming bumabatikos..nakakaawa those pathetic persons and below average i.q..oo!masama ugali koh!..hahahahaha..
a trip! palace in the usual walang plano at walang budget..harharhar..masaya pa rin kahit masunog,mapagod,mbadshots at magutom....hapi with you guys...
the group d1 at mendoza lying-in..ang saya noh..this is the behind the scenes of our duties time...
isn't it obvious we are not sleeping yet the moment we took this shot?..there was a story behind this..2 hrs kaming nagpilitan bago makahakbang s next block s my intramuros.ang galing ni bunso noh..pero d q pa din xa napilit..kaya ayun picture picture na lang..
taken from the sky..harharhar..we are in the gff last january...a request granted..i love you sooo much honey....
my good old bro's ex and my bro's flirting partner..harharhar our church...medium,large,xtra large..they were really a good friends...
how pretty of us..kaya pala kainggit inggit at maraming umaapila coz its obvously wonder...
feeling model at fort santiago huh!...
our duty at padis araneta...ming sing a song twice..and i was shocked that kay can do sooo..and she was damn good..she sang the song entitled listen by beyonce knowles...she did sang very awesome!
it's ming's debut..joseph,mayflor, evy , the debutant me and cecille's restaurant bf paranaque..
kapag walang magawa e2 ang bisyo....magpix at kumain ng captain seed hanggang umaga...
at xavier school greenhills...reminscing time of soccer life same at nursing life..same old place with the new guys...
at a cheap motel at sta.mesa..but it was fun and cool...alam nio bang c worm ang takot na takot at nahihiyang magpakita na papasok kmi think n dlawa kaming gurl n kxama nia...funny but true..the reason why???..nobody knows..
tagaytay bisyo...inutusan namin ung turista n kuhanan kami..(hindi porke't bisista ng bayan eh senorito!)...hahahahaha
the trio at fort santiago...presenting diosa de ghanda....
its me and my honey with my favorite bright kid..chesca nicole (confusing surname)...taken at metropolis alabang..
at pier's pad(bonifacio ridge at fort bonifacio) peers at earnheart ayala college(my former school) from top left boron, pier, maja, jm, amay, mhe, judith..miss these guys so much...
she is my teacher in adventure..she teaches me to play ma game, to enjoy nature and to explore partners in crime my friend..shielem aka jamire...
meet julie aka first akala q d kami mgkkasundo..weird!nakakatuwa lang icpin kc xa lang ang unang frend ng bro q n ng approach sken kc most of my bro's frends didn't like me(neither do il)lol.they thougth that i am a brat and a bad one..and i don't care at all..xa poh ubg naging daan para mameet nila q as me.
my bro's wedding..this not a happy moments kung tutuusin..i don't know but that's how i described it..a fake smile in happy event...
these are my sooo good friends..sooo young and naugthy but cool and nice..nicest among all ma frends ever...harharhar..nakakatuwa kasi since i transferred school sila na ung nakasama q at till i'm working ata eh makakasama q pa rin..i love this guys..i'm becoming nice dahil s dalawang to!..knowing the fact that i am the eldest among us, yet marami p rin aqng natutunan sa kanila. conflicts are easy to fix with them.ang saya i'm glad i've met thm. tnx guys for making me more a good one now.not so good yet better than before..thank you..

part of being a freelancer and an adventurous..i was once a good left wing forward in our team and we are reps of ATENEO ALUMNI ASSOC...Nice db? was my first game on my entire life ever..d naman kc q sporty na xa kc crop lang din from my former team8..i rily enjoyed this days i missed the was 4 years ago..each of has different careers life is not forever nmn kc.but swear i know in our hearts this game,team,friends,experience is irreplaceble and unforgettable..

love the most!!!

"Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be"

I am someone

I walked past a dead face

even though the person was alive

I saw my eyes in the mirror

and cried at the sight

I looked at a person I didn't know

and I met a friend

I got heads to turn

when I walked past

I learned a lot about myself

when I lost a new friend

I cried every tear in my body

when I thought about love

I got hit bad

then got back in the ring

I climbed a mountain of rocksand saw an eagle fly over- head

I heard terrible things about myself

when no one thought I was listening

I realized I was strong

when I didn¹t cry when it hurt

I found out who I was

when I was with someone else

I thought I was lost forever

when a friend found me

I held a life in my hand

and it was my own

I was a pawn in someone else's game

so I surrendered to a brook

I walked the fine line between surviving

and not wanting to survive

I still am I am someone


these past weeks sobrang down ang feeling..napapadalas n kc ang misunderstanding. i'm afraid bka mlapit n mg-end contract ng beintekuatro (so sad).i hope wag nmn..maybe this is either part or component of more stronger and successfull relationship( always think positive)...but there are scenario tlaga n sobrang nakakasama ng loob..hope we can survive TOGETHER..i don't wanna loose the relationship juz like that.. i am looking forward and praying that this is for real. maybe more adjustments pa on both sides. kasi b nmn magsama ang wild[me] at firm and proper[my huny] and sacred tlagang sooooobrang laking adjustment..cguro nitong mga nakaraang weeks lang un(crossfinger). he promised not to do same mistakes and avoid same scenario..i can hold on to his words hehehe kailangan ei..if only my friends would see me as i am now,for sure and i bet lahat magtataka..i'm totally changed. for him?..absolutely yes..he really made me a better person...aminado aq im the most mean he seemed to be my guide.. heals and feeds my soul..grabe ang regrets and what if's and i am really thankful he came into my i love my man. more than he knows( d kc q showy...harharhar,,) i promise to love faithfully and more patience and most of all openess.and lessens pride.i am your wifee and u'll be my hubbhie..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

i like this one but it didn't fit

how i like the idea the image was so nice..sigh..I cant made it as my header...

after sooo many years..

after so many hardships (i'm a new blogger)of making this blog suit for my taste. i did make it near to what i want..(ang lagay di pa ito ang gusto q tlga!)...but for a new blogger like me it was my best ever!..i just made this to be more emotera! seriously i like to start this stuff as my new bestfriend..hayy it will really help me burst out my thoughts, feelings and hatreds..hahaha..


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