Tuesday, May 27, 2008

missed being emo...

its been so long i haven't post anything..sad..actually dami q n sana post but unfortunately my fone was dammned sick! and it was for good na ata!..i wrote my supposedly post at that sick fone..never imagine it would be messed!..dami q tuloy prob ngayon majority kasi ng info q or things to remembered whether on school or gigs,important or not dun nakasave..nakakalungkot talaga..i've been taking care of it ng sobra then iiwan lang aq sa ere..kasama ng loob talaga..but that's life..one of god's will n rin.. besides everything is his decisions and controlled nmn..(sniff)..i'll be missing that fone talaga..ngayon back to old fone n naman..maybe one of the purpose n rin cguro is for me to be controlled(sa pagiging galaera!Lol)..grabe namiss q magpost!..since i started this blogging hobby everyday i had something to tell n..as in lahat na..kea lang due to some instances aun d q agad napopost..but at least this is one of my reliever n rin..aside from smoking(absolutely i know was a really bad habit)..eto pagiging emotera sa blog na lang..mas ok p nga dito ei..no boundaries..as long as masama loob kuh i'm free to tell it..shout of it and scream!in letter form nga lang..hahaha...dami ko kwento...soooobra...

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