Wednesday, June 25, 2008

yah..our bertday,what a happy day!!!

yah..its our b-day today..what a happy day di'ba hon?!nwei..we advanced our celebration na kahapon kc busy na from work lng nmn sa market market tska nuod muvie sa hauz..hehe..celebration nb un?!basta we're together that's the important thing..grabe,power 'tong hon ko..ntatagalan ako sa mga kalokohan ko sa kanya..hehe..and know what we're even getting stronger each day..kc i love her and i know that she loves me too..khit ganu pa kabigat prob ngagawan ng paraan(hopefully!)..basta hon wag ka po mgbbago ha..patience lng saken..konti pa..lalo n ngaung malapit na anniv nten..kung sinasabi mong blessed ka for having much more ikaw saken,really blessed! That's why i believed that God is good kc for all the foolishness i've done against Him,still He gave you to me..asteeg db?! You gave me direction and goals in every things i do!tnx hon for that..Wag ka mgsawa and MORE power to you..hehe..I love you and God bless us!!!mwahh..mwahh..sarap pla mgpost d2..cnxa first time eh..mwahh 

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