Saturday, August 2, 2008

sense of responsibility

matapos ang lahat ng pangyayari sa nakaraang buong linggo,now i've realized that starting a new life..again and again..i keep doing such same mistakes into my life though nobody reacting or condemning me for that mistakes..i know someone sees me ..and i'm guilty..i really am..but as mom and i talked, i learned another lesson in my life..she's now giving me my responsibility for my is rare and very different feeling wherein i had to decide on my own without informing her..i am free and i can have mistakes for as i was the only gonna be affected for my faults and failures.... rather than now giving me the free will with her awareness..mas masarap pa rin pala tlaga gumawa ng hindi tama at walang nakakaalan(sa sarili mong plagay lang) kesa sa maging legal ang lahat at lagi k ng mag iingat dahil my masasaktan na sa bawat pagkakamali m bukod sa sarili mo..nakakatuwa oo dahil my makakaramay ka..pero iba pa rin ang feeling..ayoko my nasasaktang ibang tao lalo na kung mahal q at dahilan ay pagkakamali q..maluwang sa loob na mabigat pa rin..confusing?ayt?..its just that i can't really express or explain what i'm feelin' ryt confused am i and at the same time how and my brothers were really blessed!..for having the coolest mom n the universe..she's very different and very rare to have.. i have some conflicts with mom from the past,,a very serious conflict that affects me as i grew up that doesn't fades away but i think i can forget..slowly..for the sake of and her and person involves..though they didn't knew that i know a lot!everything!..haixx...enough of it nasasad lang c aku...kwento q sana what had happened. aun nga i was confined without anybody in the family knows..kalokohan q kaya i had ro suffer alone..thank you hon for always being there and staying at my life.. look how far we made it..nakakaya n ntin kahit tau lang..i'm so thankful were that tough!..but know what?..dami qng what ifs..what if it failed?,what if it may lead to death..what if we can't make even one...what if i'm useless..i'm afraid..not for myself but for you..ayoko madissappoint ka..ayoko masaktan kita..but as u were saying be positive nga lang db..malapit nko maniwala sa power of love mu..hihihi..basta whatever happens its a promise still..i love u so much honey..with all my heart...mwuah..mwuah..nami2ss tuloy kita..hmpf!..

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jean said...

uy bkit huh... anong gnawa mo?

lhekkz said...

wala part ng life...


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