Wednesday, November 12, 2008

welcome to the good life :D

this is a bad day..i got a bad hair day, a bad uniform day and a composed bad mood due to some sort of irresponsible persons.. last last night(so it is Monday night) me and bru were texting about a confusing and non-formally announced schedule about our ncm lecture and in house review..we both didn't know what's the real sched because it wasn't posted last Saturday..problem with our soon "Alma matter" they were posting scheduled not already coordination with the other as well to expect conflicts arises then they had to cram and students suffer for every decisions, wrong decisions they made..First, it was the administration, the clinical coordinator and the faculty's fault..NOTE TO FACULTY MEMBERS!!!ONCE YOU POSTED IN A BULLETIN BOARD MAKE SURE YOU MADE IT RIGHT!DOUBLE CHECK!BITCHES NEGLIGENCE!(i felt really bad about this!!!)not all students living nearby the school to check 24/7 for your corrections and alterations on your post!and check again before school days ends!grrrrrr...Then, as I was saying we(bru and i)both knew the same information about the sched..wonder why she didn't even notice me(just a piece of concern as friends) despite she knew about the new info night before today!it really fuzz me out and make me really got grrrrr..she had herself explained that she texted me to my alternate number giving the info she received! whoa! I've never used that alternate mobile number for a couple of days!even the time we were texting it wasn't the number i used!(common sense)showing nor indicating that i'm not using the number at all..well done i had to cram and run after school..unfortunately it was too late..too much late to enter into the avr wherein all seniors in all sections where there..I'm afraid the clinical instructors might nag me in front of all those then i decided not to came along..instead i found myself riding on my way to the church..i remember it is Wednesday and means Baclaran day..while on the ride going to the church my madness vanish suddenly..maybe to some sort of one of my favorite movie the kung fu soccer played on the way..little by little my mood i arrived at the church at 12 pm, i am indeed late..mass was already finished and the next mass will be around 2pm..i decided to have novena on my own and pray i leave the church i felt like I'm if no hassles earlier and no more to think of..i felt like floating in happiness..and my madness to bru also vanish!..that's the power of prayer talaga!nakakagaan ng loob!..honey texted me and ask me for a lunch date and of coarse i say yes.. and being with him always makes me smile and makes my day very very very complete and I'm leaving this shop as i posted this worry free and happy..thanks to the spirit that thought me to easily forgive and forget..thanks to honey for brighten up my day and cheering me when I'm really knew me now huh..i love you so much..mwuah..

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