Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does it shows?

December 11, 1958 was the greatest holiday for us(kuya mike,cris and kha).. It was our mom's thankful of having her as our mom..the most cool, astig and lufeetz mom!..hehehe..kinda strict before, actuallyduring the times we were unable to think right enough..she is indeed a guide.. she supports us and love and provide for us since Papa died 11 years ago... a modern mom.. a fashionista, talandi and kikay... more kikay than me..(i'm not a kikay kase.)can talk everything with in everything..we will always be that thankful to God for letting her be our mom..I love you mom..and Happy 50th birthday..hope more birthdays with your grandchilds and grand grand childs..
she was now 50! hot and pretty!! i wish I grow old that blooming and looks fresh instill..hehehe

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