Monday, March 23, 2009

So Near yet So far but it's now near..hehehehe

it's march 23 today , few days to go,actually 11 days to be exact graduation day comes..until this time it wasn't sinking in my mind yet that it was for real..still remembering the days before..
i am belonged to precious last batch of computer science students of University of Makati.. I was an athlete, a left wing forward in position, sometimes midfield, a varsity player of University of Makati Football team, headed by our coaches Mr. Ryan Vega and Ms.Anne Pascual. . Our team was once became an Ateneo Alumni Representatives.. I've avail 75 % off tuition fees of the university...It was my first and last game I'd love so much..Due to some financial difficulties I stopped schooling and chose to let my brother finished first than me..
To help in financing him I worked and became a Quality Controller at Sony Headphones Manufacturing Company at the age of 16. I even cheats on my legal documents such as my birth certificate, social security number and a police clearance just to be capable of was a contractual contract, a 6 month being with that company thereafter another same position at a different products which is the computer sensitive parts, i became an employee of but this time a different contract, i was promoted to be a regular employee of that company..but i chose to resign, i chose my study first, this time my brother then stabled of his job and can sent me to school... From Computer Science student, since we were the last batch and i stopped, i have to shift to another coarse.. then i chose nursing in a different Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila.. Tuition fee was not a joke in my new coarse and also since i was a transferee i cannot avail any scholarship the school offering.. Gladly my minor subjects have been credited and it was a help to proceed and lessen my fees..i took my AHSE coarse at Emilio Aguinaldo College with flying colors and lots of different sets of friends.. They were still my friends until now.. and still keeping in touch..Because of in demand stage of the coarse i am belonged to, institutions can't control the tuition fees hike of the colleges and universities..After finishing AHSE(Associate in Health and Science Education)coarse I am now entering and had passed at 87% of the battery exam for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Coarse and one of the students of Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila holding the Capping and Pinning Ceremony at PICC's Plenary Hall Batch 2006.. Such a blessing though not really considered as one, my second brother got her girlfriend pregnant, and the girl's family was demanding for a church wedding.. we aren't that rich to spend lots of money at the same time.. i have to give way and understand my brother's situation.. again i stopped studying and to be able not to waste my time at home, i look for work again.. I became a call center agent of Advance Solutions, Standard Charter and City Bank..and a good friend offered me work as an office staff with a good schedule, unlike graveyard shifts(got so thin when i was a customer service reps).. I worked at TDK Fujitsu Company at Laguna, still manufacturing company, i was designated for files and records of the employees I also became a regular employee but still wanted to finish my studies,
I then again resigned and continue my coarse at again a different University..then I was here, finally 5 days to go, i am going to finish my journey as a student and going to face the real life journey!!.. it amaze me, i did it.. Finally did it..

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