Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now I am TAGGED!!

it wasn't a common tag that has been practiced here at the blogosphere, I am literally tagged at my new work for NCNS!!!a NO CALL NO SHOW!! ITS A WARNING AFTERWARDS!!! what the F**** I've been calling our force desk number since 5:00 pm yet no one answer only a voice prompt... what the s** it really s**... it wasn't my fault to get "sick"( i am really) that's why i called but still it was my fault then they said!!!...gosh...haixx well that's life!!.. consequences on Monday!! grrrr...I almost spent 200 peso for a prepaid load and a 5 5 peso coin just to reach the forcedesk, what I gain was this notice...grrr it is absolutely unfair! i even texted my supervisor but he's not responding at all...argh! why this s** happen to me...

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