Monday, August 3, 2009

Both need to Breathe

We went home last Sunday morning, to visit our families and also to be with them.. We were somehow expecting a good either an at home aura but unfortunately what welcomes us both were tons of problems. Problems related to money issues.. We were both tired of working for the whole week and not to be expecting to be welcome by those stuffs.. We both aware of those but just for a moment we wanted to breathe first.. We are not complaining both because we understood its our family but what just we just wanted was a piece of time and place to relax.. After being burned for those complains, We decided both to went somewhere else where we could somehow feel free of hassles.. We found ourselves walking through the vicinity of our place, chatting and talking about old happy memories.. While given with the strength of cigars..Our foot lead us to Seph's place where we really enjoy their simple cool stories with C2 and Jong.. It was really true that friends could make you smile..After wards we went home and here it is again facing the real life and preparing for it.. The more problems have given the more we rely to each other and strengthen our relationship.. As what I always say, think of the positive way around, those trials were given for us to value much each other for staying together, loving and helping..

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chubskulit said...

true! face the problem with positive outlook..

kha said...

yeah rigth..buti na lang inspired aq by yo.. hehehe tnx ate..


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