Monday, September 28, 2009

Jacque Bermejo

As everyone in the country or rather the whole world busy trying to help by all means to the victims of typhoon Ondoy,one name attracts me as it is now widely spread to the web. This certain person named Jacque Bermejo whom used words which made every Filipino cursed her. Using such a phrase "buti na lang am hir in dubai maybe so many sinners bak der!so year deerving wat happend!", does not make sense at all. That same phrases made her name famous now accompanied by cursed. But one of her networking account explains by her so called brother that her accounts from friendster, multiply to facebook has been hacked by someone who hates her most and such the one responsible doing this stuff. On my own opinion, upon reaching her sites and reading those negative words neither she nor the person used her accounts utter towards our fellowmen and the tragedy we have been, this really make someone hate her most. Me either felt bad towards her.Thinking that another Filipino living/working abroad and not affected by the tragedy, can say such words for her countrymen making everybody ashamed that she(Jacque Bermejo) is indeed a Filipino. Trying to analyze things if her account was hacked, and the person hates her did this in purpose, he/ she (the one did all of this) also a Filipino. How would someone can said all those words pertaining to his/her native land.The one who is mad to this Jacqueline Bermejo must be now joyful making her goal of ruining her/his enemy's life but doesn't think that she/ he himself/herself was also ruined by her own acts. But anyways hating her or them doesn't help, as one blogger post if she was earning through her blog then she made it to earned that much making such an awful act.Instead focusing on these issues, I'd rather make my own way helping and praying for those victims of the tragedy. Eventually truth will reveal pertaining to this person, and if unfortunately not, God will do the rest. If someone wants to sneak on her accounts here is the links.

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