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Friday, October 30, 2009

Childhood Friends


(from left:Kuya Cris, Kuya Ryan with his brother Reynan, Kuya Mike,me,Ate Skylyn,Doray & Mylene)

Here's so old and about to damaged picture of my childhood friends and neighbors. Mom said and written at the back of  it that this happens on my second birthday celebrated at our backyard. These are the first batch of youngsters during that time. And also they were my first batch of friends. Now the three females at the picture already moms. Ate Skylyn sad to say a newly widowed with three kids,two boys and a girl. Doray also has three, same set to Ate Skylyn. And Mylene has two unfortunately separated. Anyway, seeing these pictures makes me remember the times I was still close to those persons except my sibling of coarse.. 

How about you? Any evidence to reminisce?Feel free to post it and join us here at

Friday Photo Flashback

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chubskulit said...

ouch sayang noh sis...alin ka ba dyan hehehe...

I dug out another high school memories for my entry.

PS.. love your layout!

kha said...

Thank you so much ate...
I am the one sitting beside my brother. ung my hawak n junk food..hehehe