Friday, November 13, 2009

Beggar's Cannot Be Choosers

Since I am working in a company wherein Yahoo Messenger is a necessity I do got this opportunity to chat friends online abroad. Whom can jive me at my graveyard shift work.(opposite to where they are it's morning of coarse). Got to chat with a long not so lost friend Kevin Atienza. He's my buddy on my Nursing 100 at Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Campus. He was such a great good buddy(actually I have 3 good doods right at that time). He offers me a ride( I am a beggar student lol.) Going to the university and home vice versa!(shala I'm a beggar in a VIOS service with a driver *Kevin*). It happens that he lives at United Paranaque Subdivision where have to pass through Bagong Lipunan Condominium at Taguig Manila. Lucky I am he's a friend of mine. I have had a free ride and our schedule really fits. Kevin was a naughty one. If you can't ride on his green and blastoff jokes you will get irritated . But he really had a big heart. Countless times I remember treating me to some expenses on school group projects. The other two was Romer and Jayson(the mj guy)hahaha. Well anyway title came from him actually. He's now on the states and a registered US Nurse but unfortunately he was jobless. Nurse competition really going strict even abroad.. He was living there with his parents yet job opportunity for him quite hard to find. He ask why at the middle of the night I was looling around on using YM. Got to received a sarcastic answer from me says "I am also at the states, you're not the only person can "be" here hahaha" .And that conversation starts. I mentioned for real that I am in the BPO industry and it basically follows eastern schedule. Then he ask why am I not in the hospital, he's aware I graduated. Told him facts. Compensation, treatment to Filipino nurses and how will I survived life if I'd be faithful to our line of service. In my suspense he agreed. Kevin really wanted to be a nurse from then. And he had this perception of staying at the field no matter how countless graduates we have in the country.No matter the competition may take. That's why a surprise when he said beggars cannot be choosers. He admits his parents has wealth but still aware that it wasn't his own. He called himself a beggar because of not earning for his self. He told me that if he was in the country right now he might as well chose to be in the same industry as I was and forget the dumbness perception if that could give him life. It's not the sake of money but the sake of living. Contrary to blogs of nurses I've read here in the blogosphere, turning back to our service, forgetting the four year sacrifices wasn't actually about it. For me and for those who did the same, it's not about the money right, it still being a nurse, the adaptability on generation and life paced we had now. Somehow it was not that far. (justifying the means)lol

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