Friday, November 13, 2009

One Better Environment...

Got hired last Nov. 5. A company wherein I first though a scam to be. I started the assessment so messy.. So crap. The administration lost the word time management and multi-tasking. Then what would I expect it to be.I jumped into a conclusion that it was a real crap.Conclusion eventually vanished. Got a nice compensation, easy to familiarized accounts and good approachable people. Well shits don't disappear anywhere in the world. But the good thing shit people are minimal counts. Not unlike to where I've worked before. An another good thing was everyone has the right to learn . they not choosing who to trained but instead scheduling everyone for fair training. So that means everyone is learning.. You don't have to give extravagant effort for you to be noticed. For me that was a great to be called good environment.. No need to please the officers for you to enhanced ability and discovers new stuffs related on the field(business process outsourcing). For the new home I am with. Kudos for LWS Famz.. Another FAQ's: queing time not a toxic one;Accounts bearable and cool;Flex sxhed on breaks..hahaha Taking advantages of these FAQ's..I love it!!

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