Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ms... Yah It's You!

I hate you cause I don't want you.
You're too liberal.
You don't care what other people say.
You always hide your real feelings.
Sometimes you explode but still in compose.
You were sensitive. But not.
You care too much though it has been neglected by others.
You doesn't care enough for yourself.
You are an extreme being.

For the times I stayed near you, I hate seeing you..Why?

Because I know I can't be with you to share more laughter, more vices and more green geeky ideas.

I hate you because somehow for some aspect I saw myself in you.

I hate you because I want to be part of your life but I can't be..

Thank you for  the little time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Signing Off 2009

Than you  so much for tagging me for this post Ate Jennie . Ive been so busy lately I was so disoriented of the dates..*wink*

Year 2009 was not been nice to me and it gave me  countless rough journey. Yet I am still thankful for these year because this was also the year wherein I guess or should I say I know to myself that I learned a lot more. Though the current year has been harsh to me no regrets for everything have had happened.For every tears fell down from my eyes, every disappointments and the laughters and joy as well. Looking forward for a more challenging and colorful year. Welcoming 2010 with full of thanks, more strengthen faith and a positive aura. Maybe I have been too late to realize that not everything will be given to you just means for some sort of little reason. Every inch has a huge purpose..2009 make me realize a lot, around me, my life and influencing other's life too.

Been tagging you guys for your signing off post.. 

Nhene,Clarisse,Chie,Te Rose,Joanne,Eden,Crissy,Lyle,Ate Ayeeh and Kat..

Enjoy and be Safe! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Though It's Different

Christmas last year is a way different from this year. We are not prepared for our godchildren. We don't even bother to buy some even for our family members. We are in a gripped belt and pocket. A lot of changes after Huny's former company changed its line of business and it was his choice not to be part of it. Though it happened this way we don't have any regrets to it. It's happier this time. No material gifts to give to your love one's yet you can feel the real essence of Christmas without any. Somehow different because Huny will be celebrating at the office at the eve of it also the fact that it's our day but we both understand it. It's our job responsibilities. Not to worry too much because tomorrow we will be together again! Also new for this time is my Uncle is now in heaven. For me it's a good thing. He have had suffered so much from illness for 4 painful years and I know he was also waiting for this time to come. Though it's sad but everybody in the family was somehow happy because he can finally rest without pain and with the Almighty.

Though its a lot different I am not complaining for it ..Still thanking that at this moment in time I can still celebrate special days with my love ones. No one knows what will happen next so we should always be thanking for what has given today.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

You're Great!

I cannot update my blog recently and I noticed that most of my post were not an  "uplifting spirit post" to be read. Sad but that happens recently. I've been very busy on work and lot of stuffs to think to. The moment cellular phones has been a necessity I thought I cannot live having it, but now I am surviving. No cellphone since the dawn joke happened. But anyways this is me.And it should be me!yey! Think of the bright side!. The more experiences He gave me making me more a better person. Loving my life, giving value much with the person I am with and the things He gave me. Either good experiences or bad I thank him for that! 

I don't exactly know how can I describe the feeling. I like the company I am with.Very much!( But I don't know if they like me too hahahaha )The people, the work though sometimes damn persons and disputes where present anyway it's everywhere(I am not the only one going to complain about it) =) yet it didn't affect me much. I still thinking it out if this is the thing they said maturity. hahahaha.. 

For You Bro,
I know you will not giving me everything that I can't. I know you have all the reasons giving me all for me to be a strong and though not to be best but a good person. And I thank You so much!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dawn Joke

A true to life story happened Dec 12,200 at 1:45 am at Kalayaan Rd West Rembo Makati

There was a lady trying to surprise her mom on her birthday. Although she's out of bucks. She was trying to find some resources to finance the said event of the family.She end-up deciding loosing one important thing for the most important person of her life. The plan was made. But really His greatness above is incomparable. He sent again another result on her dilemma. That make her keep the important thing and please the important person.The little family gathering went well. She was now ready and went back to her life as a customer's representative. In her way outta work a scenario unexpectedly happened. Standing,waiting for a vehicle to ride in where an unexpectedly:

One drunk teenage guy approach:

Can I have some 20 bucks?

The lady snob assuming it wasn't her the the teenage guy talking with.

Two more drunk teenage guy came over.

The lady step back in her suspense the guy ask him for 20 bucks is already at her back.

She was now inside the three teenage drunk guys, defending her safety she never acts panicked she stays calm and ask why to the guys.

The other guy answered. We just need some bucks. We're out of alcohol and we need more.

The lady answered: Got no bucks neither. Enough only for my fare going to work. I didn't even wait here for a cab neither but a jeep.

The third guy answered: Just give us what was on your hand or we gotta get everything with your bag.

The lady still in composure not panicking and trying to find some way how to sneak out of the three but shortly asked. Is it a joke?

The first guy at her back show something sharp edge shivering and say Do you think it is?

The lady answered okay here. Just don't hurt me. I will fight if one of you attempt to either touch me.

The third guy answered again. I just told you we needed some addition for our drinks. We are not going to hurt you.

The lady still asked question. Why does it need for me to give you the purse(containing the cellphone but not mentioning it is).

The guy with a thing answered: It looks expensive and nice. we can use it also.

The lady utter a bad word. Then 3 guys left her.

Got nothing to do but to went back to where she stay and wait for a hero after dawn.


Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Odd to be Part of Someone's Life

 I am not in regret having few very few people I trusted of my life.All about my life.The reality of what Karren is. And being part of my life also given me the chance to be then accepted to their life. But it's kinda odd feeling when some stuffs happen never in your whole life figured out will happened. Knowing the persons you welcomed in your life. But as my motto expect nothing..So it comes to be it.But I am just human though I tried not but I can still feel disappointments. Nevertheless be carefree would be the best attitude I shall learn. After everything happened I noticed myself being aloof to people. Afraid of having someone to called real trusted friend.Trusting no one. Aside from people I used to trust before. That's the dilemma. The actual result. Being part of someone's life and feeling odd after wards not a good experience at all. I don't want to close door but as of the moment I just feel giving value much to people I have from the beginning rather than accepting new.Be a good person, be a friend but not a very dear friend.

I just want to breath.

Actually this feeling already gone and overcome..Just want to breath and share the thoughts of the dilemma happened before.. way back 5 months ago..hehehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haberdey to me..

Since my birthday comes with the date of the NLE . I had pre-celebration of my birthday at Muchos! hehehe.. It happened to celebrate it with the IT Department which is headed by my cousin Ar-em. Drunking sessions what had happened. hahaha. Also the HR personnel joined us. It's a great good day to start nor release my anxiety before the NLE. And not to forgot to mention a great good bud to bully..Sonny.haha..The party is incomplete without you..hehehe..


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