Monday, December 21, 2009

You're Great!

I cannot update my blog recently and I noticed that most of my post were not an  "uplifting spirit post" to be read. Sad but that happens recently. I've been very busy on work and lot of stuffs to think to. The moment cellular phones has been a necessity I thought I cannot live having it, but now I am surviving. No cellphone since the dawn joke happened. But anyways this is me.And it should be me!yey! Think of the bright side!. The more experiences He gave me making me more a better person. Loving my life, giving value much with the person I am with and the things He gave me. Either good experiences or bad I thank him for that! 

I don't exactly know how can I describe the feeling. I like the company I am with.Very much!( But I don't know if they like me too hahahaha )The people, the work though sometimes damn persons and disputes where present anyway it's everywhere(I am not the only one going to complain about it) =) yet it didn't affect me much. I still thinking it out if this is the thing they said maturity. hahahaha.. 

For You Bro,
I know you will not giving me everything that I can't. I know you have all the reasons giving me all for me to be a strong and though not to be best but a good person. And I thank You so much!

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