Friday, January 22, 2010

A Kiss from Nowhere

Hahahah what a title!..Been late posting these but still I will! For the sake of GT!yey! Anyway the least thing for me to share in here. A kiss from nowhere, yes it is at the age of 6. I don't know who was it. hahaha..Seriously! I still remebered the scenario, I was told by my mom to buy something(I guess it's brown sugar)lol in the store near at our house, while waiting for Nanay Eding to give me what I bought somebody stole me a kiss on my precious young bulky Since I am not used and I don't like fixing my hair..(I hate pony tails!)I never got the chance to look for who the nerve it was because my entire face was covered by my hair.!I just heard a kiss sound and something touch my cheeks.I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces on that store and it was not a good idea instead embarrassing one if I am going to ask them who did it!...All I know was I went home crying!hahaha(sa inis!)Right until this moment I was hoping I will know who the hell it was..(nang makaganti naman!)hehehe.. My first real kiss with consent lol happened the day when Thata and I cut our classes at our PEHM subject by Mr. Vargas,drank Ginebra San Miguel with Calamansi and was caught by our parents eventually because of her damned boyfriend Marlon.hahaha No need to elaborate more it was a conjoined naugthyness Jean is getting married tommorow(a way to escape)hahahaha..Best Regards Thata!..


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feRry'z WILL said...

yan ang napapala ng cutting classes kha....


anyway, hindi kaya si Randy un???

kha said...

ahahaha..masaya nung 4th year explore galore kami nun..hehehe...
nyak hindi ah..sakristan yun at senior sten nung 3rd year p lang..officer..hahaha...wala kang idea kc d m un kilala "good girl" k nun..hahahaha


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