Monday, January 18, 2010

OMG! Past

    Since today is Sunday ,got nothing interested to do or to watch for. So I decided to content myself browsing at the web. I started at my facebook account. Browsing friends profile,looking what's new to them and how are they as well. While browsing, one familiar name, very familiar caught my attention. It was my first serious ex-boyfriend's ex- girlfriend. Got confused?

Let me go ahead and detailed my first ever heartbreak..lolz. I fell in love too deeply and too seriously..I even let him decide for my future career..My first coarse when I was in college was computer science, when I stop for about a year due to financial concerns, I worked to save enough for my studies then that was the time I met him. I was only intended to stop for a year and then I will going to enroll on the next school semester.However my plan changed because of him. His pursuance to me to took an allied medicine coarse wherein he said I could earn more when I graduated rather than continuing my previous coarse..(pasenxa capital T---- in love daw kasi)..ginawa pang dahilan ung love... ;D..Then that's it. When I was about to enroll again I took up nursing. (He promised to support my career all the way till I finished it. )  Unfortunately I was a victim. A victim of myself's ignorance to life. He left me broken and just found out that the new one he was loolin around with was taking up a medical coarse (which is during that time the new girl is in her second(6th) year pre-med).. And the scenario before the girl even calls me begging to just let my currently boyfriend be with her because she was pregnant!Waaa! I've been with the guy for almost two years and they just met for about two months that time!.World crushed.. Feel so dumb... My mom told me that my name came from a person she knew a brave one. So I must be. I learned to moved on and cotinue build my crushed world. Move on Kha.And after the day he left me never got any news from him,(i never dare too!) but he was nice(very sarcastic). He indeed was. He keep on visiting me at our house! He was really getting into my nerves!But I chose not to mind them..Free myself from stress and heartaches.I have moved on and life get back to normal.

Going back to the present as I browsed a named hit me. The girl name. It has been seven long years yet I remembered the name in an instant. With the initials of M-C-L-G of Valenzuela .Out of curiousity I checked for the profile under that name. In my dissappointment, the girl doesn't deserves the deppression I suffered before because of her. If only I just knew I should've laugh instead..(evil mode)..Well anyway that was already the past. I will still be thankful to the person who have hurt me and make me tough to lead me where I am now. Just wanted to share this because as what I have written after the guy left me never got the courage to look after them..I already post about meeting him again here at my blog. I again smiled glorious victory..

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