Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eminent 8

Tnx Nhene for the tag. And kongrachulayshonz(hirap pala i-spell the way April of Wowowee pronounced it)lolz sa new layout..ang danda..hehehe Its been a while since I blog hop. Nkaka-trauma kasi yung last time n nabasa ko ng napadaan ako sa page mo. But anyway thanks for the new thrill. After that sad post I felt and think empty. I cannot even consider what will I post next. This tag start anew.. Salamat sayo..weee*wink*

8 TV Shows I like to watch
1. Pinoy Big Brother (Because of MelaSon fever, so cool ;D)
2. Going Bulilit (awesome Kids)
3. Bubble Gang
5. Habang May Buhay (emo)
6. PBB Uber
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Dr. House

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out
1. KFC (me and huny's fave)
2. Dairy Queen,
Ice Bergs, Crepes and cream
3. Greenwich
4. Wendy's ( The Magic 4 first job..Hun,Dhan, C2 and Seph)
5. Jollibee
6. Max's Restaurant except MOA branch!
7. Chaikofti (love the ambiance and the ice cream cofi)
8. Mc Donalds (combo float and fries)

8 Things I look forward to

1. Blog Hops
2. Passing the Board Exam
3. Mom's Wedding, Finally
4. A job I am dreaming of
5. Masteral and another coarse to take
6. Huny's Natal day
7. Our Anniversary (chillin' out)
8. The Wedding

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. My College Friends Celebration for those who passed the Nov NLE
2. A brand New Start for me (Good bye bad vices Finally)
3. Done episode 330 to 433 of One Piece
4. Cook for Huny's favorite adobong manok
5. Editing a friend's case study
6. Received an urgent but not so important email from Kuya
7. Hun's teammate Sonny has ended his contract at LWS
8. Prepare stuffs to Bring Home

8 Things I Love about Winter (or rainy season in the Philippines)
1. Coffee
2. Watching Downloaded Movies
3. Chat with friends miles away
4. Blog hops
5. Checking out Friends at facebook, multiply and friendster
6. Watch Grey's Anatomy
7. Eat Mom's Sopas
8. Sleeping in my dark cold room

8 Things I’m Passionate About
1. Being in Love (haha)
2. Being a Cool
3. Passionate and voraciously eater hahahaha
4. Being a daughter to mom; a honey,best friend, confidante,antidote to hun; a sister to Kuyas
5. Being a friend
6. I Love Music
7. I Love blogging
8. I love being tough(opposite to Nhene)hehehe

8 Word/Phrases I often Used

1. Huny
2. Hay Naku
3. Teecee
4. Ciao
5. Thanks 
6. Naman!
7. Grrr..
8. Good Morning, Good afternoon, Hello

8 Things I learned from the past
1) Never Regret
2) Learn from your mistakes.
3) The ever popular everything happens for a reason
4) Value the people are worthy with you.
5) Be a nice friend but not a best friend to anybody.
6) Give your best in everything you do.
7) Good Karma and Bad Karma exists
8) Full of Love, Hope and Happiness

8 Blog Friends I want to tag Ate Jennie,Joanne,Faith,Kath,Clem,Dj,Dencio,Karen

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