Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hide is Hide

The picture I would rather hide was all her pictures wearing a two tiny sheets of clothes.Not mentioning her picture with her x's. I am a jealous lover! And that means it was really hidden. I don't agree on her posting those pictures on the internet. I am conservative, she was liberal we are opposite but she gave me an honor to decide and I said no.She must obey.Right hon? I only had few rules and this belongs to that few.

2 ♥ warming appeal(s):

kha said...

hahaha huny just don't know what pictures I'd rather hide..:p

niko said...

hihih sunget naman ni huny.. hihih pis

super confidential tlga ayaw maglabas ng pix ge na hihihih

anyways, the april theme is up na go girl. safe na yun.. hihih

bdw, thanks for joining kp contest ha. i won and alredy bought yena's portable dvd hihih

tama na ang blogging leave.. mahirap gawin yan!! hihih ako nga kahit bakasyon sumisilp sa blog.. aminin mo adik kn rin like me. lol


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