Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer at My Corner

 I was just so happy that I post in front of my PC harharahar
Hi Everyone! I supposed to be on leave but since I kept on reading my stuffs from time I posted it here maybe I just need some break, besides its Sunday! And I would like to take advantage of this privilege!hahaha.. It's summer here in my corner! I just feel like changing my template with my own effort..hehehe Hope all of you dear will not be tired of visiting me here!This is the only way I can enjoy summer. In blogging..haha I cannot afford or rather I am not allowed to go to beaches not until I got my liscense on August! Hmmm [konting tiis na lang] Day after I received my license I can have fun,fun,fun! 

Kindly include me in your prayers for succeeding this fight..Thank you so much!.. I missed you bigtime! 


4 ♥ warming appeal(s):

chubskulit said...

NYahahahaha I doubted you would be able to go on leave without peeking on your blog hahaha.. It would drive me crazy too.. Thanks for including me with the people you have missed.. Missed you too badly..

kha said...

hahaha un nga po ei..xempre nmn ate! :D

Genejosh said...

Ren are you on nursing review? God bless'll be in my prayers:)

kha said...

Opo..tnx po Ate..mwuahuggzz


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