Thursday, April 15, 2010

All About Yum!

Been so busy since month of April started. I even did not make it to post last week theme for the month GT! But here I am now try to still be part of the GT.

For last weeks topic was the favorite junk food. Mine is  
When we were kids our mom not used to give us even a single cents that we could use to buy at a sari sari store on the neighborhood. As a matter of fact even today as we are all grown up she will still  ask us what are we going to buy if we  are asking for a peso if only at home. She used to bought us biscuits in part of our grocery. ( kaya busog kami sa biskwit!) eg: coco biscuit, hansel, sun flower, binggo, marie etc.. So my foundation in preferred junk food other than what mom always provide to us is also in a form of biscuit! Since I love sweets this is my most favorite and to consider my junk food! ( as far as I believe on the meaning of junk food was not a nutritious but mine is nutritious one! well I can't pose anything to my favorite if that is)

For the most expensive food topic I had  happened last year February our 30th Monthsarry and also the post valentine date. It's the most expensive I can say because it was only the two of us and if I will be ask gain it's not "makatarungan"(unfair)  hahaha .. But I guess it was not the food made our bill reach 2843 but the musicians who serenades. I think I consider this pigging out na hahaha! 

 (Just grab the photos from Mr. Google . I am sorry I forgot where this pics originally from.)

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Vernz said...

I think you did pay for food you paid for those singing buddies ... lol.. love the grilled pusit ... yum yum..

My most expensive soup

niko said...

2800+ for a meal of two is really unfair ha.. kung may nagserenade mukang sa tagaytay eto hihihih

oks lng monthsary nman un! time to celebrate keber sa gastos diba

thanks for joining GT

happy weekend!!

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

kha said...

Tnx te Niko.. Tama keber sa gastos pag andun pero paagatapos iniinda hahaha..Di po sa greenhills xa


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