Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Low

I am beginning to get lazy on blogging.. My PR 3 was missing. I don't know what had happened!. I supposed to post  about another PR increase before the incident to Hun's brother happened. Now I am posting about loosing it. It has been 3 years going 4 since this blog born but I am having a hard time earning that page rank because I admit I am not a good writer for Mr. G . So that pr 3 is a big thanks already. Now I am losing it. (T_T). And there's more... Every time I am signing in in my blogger account. the screen turns red and an error message appear that I am opening a phishing website. I am confuse what's happening. If my computer has a virus or so what.. How come this things happen. I can understand the pr issues but what about the phishing site? My site is not a phishing site! Urgh! It gives me headache!


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Jona said...

A drop in PR doesn't mean it's because you're not a good writer. PRs aren't mainly based on your articles. One reason is that your link building is not a success. You might have added blogs or links that are mainly about money making or advertisements. And make sure you have enough backlinks from blogs that have good ratings. Wishing you the best!

I wonder what phishing means?

Btw, let me invite you to With Love Wednesday. It's a meme where we share about the things we love.

kha said...

thank you for these informative words sissy!.. as much as I wanted to join the meme I try po mejo busy din kasi..salamat sa pagdalaw po!


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