Saturday, May 8, 2010


Wondrin' on my title? Believe it or not this a post for my bff. My Mama. My ever dearest cool "ASTIG" mom. For every blogger posting how wonderful their moms, I as well made for my bff. Yes! She's my bff. I've grew so independent since primary days. She taught me to be tough. As early as 7 years old I learn to wash dishes and do household chores. She fetch me only once in the school and it was also the same as the first day of class in my Pre-school age. She give us (me and my brothers) responsibilities at young age by implementing strict house rules. She let us experience things at early age. I often complains. I once felt bad about the way she was raising us. As I grew I now understand why. She prepared us and proudly I can say she raised us as her best. I am the person I am now because of her. I am tough, I am independent I am me and it's all because of her. Our massive life I will always be thankful to the Almighty giving me to my mom. I maybe my mom's burden but she will always be my gem. Though He(God) let her be left by my Papa for 13 years, raising us three was not that easy especially finishing us all to college.! Amazing Bff!. She's my bff, why? She knows everything.. We shares everything.. We talk almost everything. I am so open on what my life goes and going through.. (Do you know that mom and I can discuss about coitus? hahaha..unfamiliar? Google helps.. :p) 

Oh by the way, for those who doesn't know my mom she's an ultimate kikay and hot! We sometimes or rather often mistaken as sisters. Sad on my part, others said I  look older than her if we were mistaken to be sissy. But those comments make me more proud of having and being with her!

Happy M's Mama.. I love you to bits.

Happy Mother's Day to All Mommy and Future Mommy Bloggers.

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ferry'zWILL said...

Happy mother's day to my MAUDLOT" na mom...hehehe

uu nga kha, pag mag kasama kayo you look like sisters.... kasi ni tita eh..
Pero pag nag kaanak ka, parang sisters lang din kayo for sure.. and sya naman ang malulungkot...
pasa pasa lang yan...


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