Saturday, November 13, 2010

Night Out

These seems to be unusual to me since I started to be part of a bpo company. We have day out but not night outs! My current new group of friends were fond of unwinding even before we hit the floor because we are all aware that assessing a financial account will mean , we breathe and eat every night irritated and vent outs of our customers. Few will call for assistance but most will do for complaints. I am working with one of the best and largest prepaid company, we serve best. Complaint calls is from those whom never gave time reading FAQ's and terms and conditions included on their account. That was the one main reason whyu a lot of bpo's arising in the Philippines. To help those lazy to read and understand. 
Tonight is a night out with my nff's! It's gonna be a one complete happy party in one of our wave-mate's house including our gorgeous and fashionistas trainers. I am so excited not of the drinking sessions but the bonding that we used to do in training but limited because we have to be serious most of the time.

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the all-around mom said...

i also used to work in a call center and our favorite hangout is sa mga videoke bars, and we just drink and sing . weird nga lang kasi tanghaling tapat ang inuman...hehehe. miss those drinking days. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

kim said...

wow! i wish i could have a 'night out' as well, lol!


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