Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Noche Buena Absent First Time

Last December 24, I am one of those lucky newly hired employee to have a slot for  celebrating Christmas eve without being on leave or absent at work.or begging for it .  A lot of my co workmates wanted to have Noche Buena with family, who wouldn't dare so?? I won the slot because of first,my unbeatable CSAT score though Q.A is about to fail, next my guru Luci-Verna-fer chose the very wise option when schedule bid happened and third because I have a not so nice team leader. Well thanks to them..
 With mom

 Noche Buena Drama

My all time favorite niece and nephew
Unfortunately though I had the chance, I failed to celebrate eve because that day I am dead tired of all the activities the whole day after work.  Mom told me that she even tried to called me and shrugged my shoulders to woke me up but it seems that I am asleep forever. And she told me that I felt asleep sitting with my fritz( my big baby bear) and when she try to shrug me I fall beside fritz without even moaning or making any sound. That tired..When I woke up in the morning, it was 5 am and I am in a hurry to look for a watch hoping eve is not yet done..But yes I missed it.. I felt stupid that I lost the chance but anyway we have whole the day to make it  as an eve..Only mom and me celebrated Christmas because huny was at work. Some niece and nephew dropped by to party with us, food party..lol

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