Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stress Away

Working in a financial istitution it means its raining stress. Knowing myself I always find a way to release stress into different divertion types. This is not to be fed up and soak much that lead me to unwanted severe weigth loss or worst migraine. Good thing I have buddies which also think the same as mine.

Though we are not fond of playing into bingo sites, we are into bonding and drinking sessions. Either liqour or coffee. That's how we celebrated our stress releiving day. We are fond of this bonding session every time we can find time. For some days we really made our own time though it will affect work schedules. Maybe because we are nurses and we know stress is bad for one self that's why we find way to be free of it.

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Earth said...

hmmm.. that's nice. but i don't play it personally, i'm not lucky with games of chance, lol!


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