Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling of the First Born

Untouched,Forgotten, Neglected, Taken for Granted
 If only this blog can speak alone it may curse me to sadness.lol .. The moment I started having domain blog, this original diary daily blog has been forgotten. Not because it is not a domain blog, it's least of the reason. Actually I often blog recently. I am more interested of customizing into the new platform but still its giving me a hard time to understand the html's. It's nearly a year I risk myself learning to that platform still I only learned about the basic. I wanted to master it. But time never permits me adding up the current happy stage of our life!. My dear home blog, sorry if I almost forgo you. Sorry if I only update you when there were opps. Sorry if you were the least that I updated whenever I have something in mind to post for. If only you knew I always think of you first but I know your already good. Already strong and have regular visitors. I need to give time and pay attention to your sister blogs. I just want you to understand. Besides my life story was written and started at you. You will always be the most special. Remember you are the First Born!

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f e R r y j H o i said...

huhu =( kaiyak naman ito!!
tama!! dapat maging sensitive ka sa feeling ng panganay mo!!!

hihi ^_^


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