Friday, June 3, 2011

Choosing in Between

I am in an confused mode again. I need to choose which is which. Both options were really an important errand to attend to and as much as I wanted I prefer if I can do both. But the scenario never gives me a good option instead really weighing me till where I can manage. Argh! I really wanted to accomplish both things but how can I if the same errands will happen in same day and the distance or the place. It is not just few walks away but need to travel 3 hours to be in one place and another. Really it was testing me which is more important  Hope something get's on the way so that one of the errands will be rescheduled. Opps the managements way not mine since I am just following schedules they provided. 

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Gilay said...

follow ur heart...nyahhaha!!!


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