Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Insight About Zaldy Ampatuan as Witness?

Zaldy Ampatuan
 It has been spread all over the media about the wish of this guy. Just a wish for I am as well one of those that did not believe his words. What's the sense of saying all those things already happened in the past. Where on earth will he get a credibility on his word for he is one of the principal suspects in the tragic Maguindanao Massacre? Now he wants to be a state witness against his family. That didn't make sense. It is only a strategy! As one of the lawyer of the family from the victims of the massacre, I believed as he stated that Zaldy is the only asset of the family. Whom studied and can think better than the other family member. As per the interview, ( I am not able to have the lawyer's  name cause I was just listening on the t.v while preparing hubby's packed meal) the lawyer said said,since Zaldy is capable of thinking smarter  because he is the only in their clan knew better, the family wanted him off to the case to protects their cronies. And to somehow hides more of their unclosed or never been exposed unlawful practices as their family runs the Maguindanao for years. I super agree with the lawyer's statement. And like as others reaction in the news I also prayed that the Department of Justice will be consistent and firm on their decision of not accepting his request. As DOJ secretary Leila Magistrado De Lima already expressed their rejection showing a thumbs down to media and verbalizes that they don't need any statement from Zaldy Ampatuan.

Probably Malacanang only entertains Zaldy Ampatuan's statement to get some piece of information on other anomalies that will help in the case of the former president Arroyo but seriously putting him out of jail is not an option. I guess so. That Malacanang play a tricky role for this guy who wanted to be free from his obligation from their acts. 

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nais na masalba ang kanilang mga kayamanan..hindi dapat iyan na maging state witness..hindi basta basta na sa kanilang relihiyon tatalikuran ang kapamilya..

Lisa said...

He's trying to twist the events and play smarter than the government. Hohumm.. I hope they are aware of what he's trying to do.


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