Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Customizing Wordpress Theme

Again I am not able to blog hop, I am not leaving home and actually most of the time in front of my computer. I am just so busy studying on how to customize wordpress theme. Recently I just received a gift from a friend that I really really love and praying for. After the wedding I am enthusiastic to earn in blogging again but in my frustration my domain blog has been idle because I had problem transferring it from one platform to another. That also interrupts my will to earn since that domain became my bread here in the blogosphere. And I didn't gave it up until I can make it working. Gladly I did with the help of my blogging mentor and her friend . After I fixed the domain transfer problem I got to focus then on the gift software. I need to learn everything about it so I can make designs and easily navigate my ever issue with wordpress designing. Just yesterday I finally made my first theme that I like. So far my dear friend Nene and Dell said it's good. A little more practice and I can do better I guess. I am full of tweaking codes with Blogger since I can easily figure it out after a lot of practice and for being here in five years and still , now I am extending my learning to wordpress. Hope I can master it like how I did in here.

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f e R r y j H o i said...

nyahaha :) after ng familiarization mo kha!!! hwag mo akong kalimutan kung sobrang dami ka ng maging costumers huh :(

>> and oh! not to mention!! pleaseee... don't be to grabby!! hihi...


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