Monday, September 26, 2011

A Family Diary

I am planning to make a blog niche talks about our family. So obviously it is more of us. But wait that doesn't mean anybody who will visit never got anything from it. And this family I am pertaining to is not solely my little family instead my family from my parents. Our obstacles before how we became what we are now today. This thought came in my mind just last night. I want this to share to my children and grand children and to the future generation. Of coarse only I can share is from where I started, I cannot get back to the very beginning from the ancestral (lol). I realized that in the near future since new generation not fond of reading articles on hand but just a click away to know what they want. An online diary with a jquery content slider of pictures from the past will make them interested to read. What will it be to others? It may sound classic but I still believe it may help others who can relate to our stories, triumphs and achievements in our life. I am pretty sure it can somehow motivate or warn others as per our experiences. As they say history repeats so probably almost the same problem can occur in a different individual. As soon as I finished designing on my blogs and transferring their platforms I will start scanning old  pictures and collecting stories from mom and my brothers.

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neighbor said...

good luck on the new blog! left you a kiss, hope i get one back, thanks!


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