Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday and Christmas Wish List

As a practical person, I always want to be thrift to everything and my own day is not an exemption. hehehe. Since my birth date is nearing Christmas so I only had one wish I supposed. It may sound too much if I ask a lot eh?

God is always been good to us so I am a little bit shy to ask for more. He 's not always giving in what I asks for but he gives those much that I never expects. So I am very much thankful for it. Though as a human, I still have lots to ask and I want to have but I know those can wait and have its perfect time for me to have all of it. So if ever I ask or list down to my wish list it will only be few and attainable. Aside from my ultimate wish of good health for all my beloved and in addition for my princess now. A material thing  I want for my birthday is to be approved by Sheriff and other legit sites I am waiting to be approved. See  I am not asking for a fish but instead wanted to be taught  fishing.. ahihi.. A little bit naughty but that's what I wish for this year. A better blogging career so as I need not to apply for an outside home job. I can  continue and become one of the breast feeding advocates ^_^ and can be called WAHM.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

malapit na ang pasko......malapit na rin ang kaarawan ko..


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