Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Princess

I know, I know this is already a month late update. I am not allowed to watch television, sit in front of the computer, text, wash hands with tap water, took a bath for week, stay late and a lot more. All I am allowed is to take care of my little princess, breastfed and rest. It's a nice feeling to be pampered where I am not entitled to do household chores but only have bonding time with our new bundle of joy. So this late post is better than never right?..hihihi

I gave birth via normal spontaneous delivery last October 28, 2011 at 4:50 in the afternoon. I was brought at the hospital and my cervix already dilated by 8 centimeters. Fortunately I wasn't told by the physicians on duty to walk around. Instead they hurriedly contacted my OB which is currently in the near hospital. I reached the fully dilated cervix yet my bag of water was not yet ruptured. Doctor needs to manually rupture the BOW. Obviously I have a princess, it's a girl at 38 weeks and 2 days finally arrived weighing 3.25 kg and 51 cm long. Doctor said that my baby is too big and long for a five footer me. Luckily (thank God) I with the help of the healthcare team gone through delivering the baby normally. At first the resident on duty is quite hesitant of letting me deliver the baby normally, she actually in a state of suggesting an emergency cesarean section delivery. My placenta is on grade 2 which means I am risk for placenta previa and my baby had her cord coiled into her neck. But kudos to my doctor (most especially to Him) who believes (and guide us) in my baby and me that we both can surpass the stage. The ouchy part I have 11 stitches down under. All through the process I am widely awaken until I was transferred to my room. I haven't seen yet my baby that same day but the morning after she was brought for rooming in and breastfed session.

That's the beautiful story behind why my blogs almost have spider webs :).

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f e R r y j H o i said...

yeah!! so true so Lucky ni Lyxn kasi malaki sya!! hihi :) at least she will not suffer the same burden as yours (bwahaha) maldita noh?

>> congrats kha!! ingget ako, pero am truly happy for you!!

Gilay said...

super cute ;-)... at super ingget ung isa na nasa taas... hehehe! be healthy...


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