Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chief Justice: Guilty

It's just few minutes ago when the verdict has been given to Mr. Renato Corona after processing it for five long months. The impeachment of the Chief Justice of the Philippines now found guilty under Article 2 of the impeachment.
Article II
Respondent committed culpable violation of the Constitution and/or betrayed the public trust when he failed to disclose to the public his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net worth as required under Sec. 17, Art. XI of the 1987 Constitution.
He was convicted with 20 votes from the senatorial judges. As I watched the whole processed today, majority of the senator who decided to vote for conviction basically based their decision by the Chief Justice' statement itself. The respondent has been dragged down by his own statement the day he explained his self. In addition also the case of Ms. Delsa Flores that set as the basis of the senators votes to Mr. Corona's case. Kudos to the senatorial judges who explained their votes very well. Among all the 20 senators, I really appreciate the explanation of Sen. Allan Cayetano. In  simple words he used, I believe that people understand more of this impeachment processes. Senator Cayetano delivered the message very well. The whole time I was watching, I am hoping that senators will do the same approach what Mr. Cayetano did. This is for the benefit of all people in all levels. So as to make them understand more of what is really happening in our government.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Phone

I am currently using my mom's Corby 2 phone. I am okay with it, but still I want my own new phone. It's been so long since I liked a new unit. For the years that hubby is into buy and sell of cellular phones, my desire for cellphones vanished since I can explore almost all of the high-end cellphone models during that time.  Today husband is still into buy and sell but in a different item which is computer, computer parts and laptops. He changed his line of items two years ago, so for two years now I've been contented for a low end Nokia which is now begging for rest reason why mom lend me her phone. I am rooting for an HTC Windows 7 phone or an I phone. Or any android phone which is packed of  free android apps . There were lots of android apps to enjoy nowadays. But it is more enjoyable if it's free. Who wouldn't want free things hmm?.. I know this is just a desire and not needing an urgent attention. But just in case hubby or my brothers read this post, and make their mind giving me one, I will definitely love a surprise! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Bye Exilim

It's almost a month that my Casio Exilim EXZ25 had it's farewell shots. We always remember its worth everyday. Since the day it got wasted it brought sadness to all of us here. As a first time mom, and first time having a baby at home, we always wanted to capture every moment of the baby's milestone or even the everyday simple tricks she shows and learned. As what I've said it's been a month, a month that we've been using our camera phones on my daughter's playful tricks. Though I still have something to use, still I am not contented on how it works. Because it is not as  good as the exilim's performance. I already told my brother that I am asking for another camera. I am hoping that he again for the nth time will give in to my request.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Effect of Being a SAHM

After I graduated from high school, I never had more time to stay that long here in my place. I've been very busy not only to studies but other curricular and non curricular activities away from my place. And as I realized earlier that this is the longest time I stay at our home. More than a year literally at home. But this time, I ain't bored anyway. Maybe if this scenario (the long stay topic alone) happened few years back I am surely insane by now. It's because I am a stay at home mom. I enjoy every second of staying at home. Good thing we have intranet. Though I maybe inactive to a city life I am somehow updated on what's going on, what's new, whereabouts and other related stuff. And this intranet serves it's best as it also introduces me to good online deals. Hence I am all the time at home, shopping for good deals either self pampering stuff, items, getaways and the likes I can grab them all if I wanted or if I am looking for it. I guess this is one of the major effect of being SAHM. I got to get excited on online deals to avail without making myself a hard time of going into the merchants place. And one more thing I find online deals more cheaper than actual prices. I confess, I am addicted or I am an addict now :) . I still have unused vouchers  though all of them is not yet expired, here I am again checking for good deals. And for the nth time bought another deals tonight. I maybe saving the deals. (justifying my impulsive deal buying.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Summer Fun

Aside from the last summer escapade we had last Easter Sunday, we never had any other summer getaway. Due to the strict attention in need of our getting bigger business, we almost forgot that summer season is about to end. We don't even had a getaway with husband's family. Still mom is considering of having a getaway together with my in laws though the rainy season is approaching. (We are a small family so having one getaway is easy to plan with mom together with my in-laws). Probably a day full of  fun in an amusement parks or even a simple family dining in a five star like Buffalo hotels is a good option for  bonding.  Not because it's summer so literally the only way to enjoy it is by the beach or pools. Since still the weather is still unfavorably hot, going out into colder places is a good way of enjoying and bonding too.  Good thing that online deals gave me this idea, the other way of enjoying that need not time for planning too much. Also the affordable yet exclusive deals. I'm pretty sure that kids will enjoy it running around the park, watching fishes and other aquatic creatures or if there some GogoBot as an additional attraction too. I just need to settle the deal and print the voucher for us to have our last summer fun before the busy school days starts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So Happy for Her

I am so happy for Ferry and Paul, that finally their long wait is over! She's finally pregnant! The reason why her blogs kept untouched for days now. I can't contain my happiness knowing the good news directly from her. The day she had known about the good news, I received a call from her informing me then. My little master will now going to have new God-sister or brother maybe. I, once thought it will be twin or triplets, since they have a history in the family. But then she confirmed that it is only one and they were very very thankful of it. It's obvious to Paul that he was so happy the very first day seeing a positive result in a pregnancy test kit and as the day goes by. They were somehow over reacting but I understand their happiness. And knowing Ferry, over reacting is understatement when it comes to her pregnancy. :) 
Congratulations Paul & Ferry! Lyxn can't wait to see the little Poneng! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Caught Between Practicality and Devotion

This blogspot blog has been published for five years. Literally I have been writing here for five years. Just recently some time in February I decided to bought a domain for this blog. I never imagined it could be that hard leaving the blogspot blog that I am used to for years. I thought it was just simple. The transferring process is really simple and all the technicalities . But the moment I thought that I already fixed all problems, just as the time I am realizing that problem from transferring to a custom domain is just arising. It's all about the monetizing factor. The current advertiser on this blogspot blog seems like do not want a change. All my reviews and advertisers sending me an email regarding on the changes that happened. I am now, just as this moment, deciding what to do with this problem. I don't want to loose the tim sykes and other advertisers that giving me moolah in this blogging thingy. I know what to do but I am confuse in between because I really want this blog to have it's own domain but I don't want t loose the opportunities of earning online. I am caught between practicality and devotion. Devotion to my blogging personal diary and practicality of additional earning I can ave if I choose wisely.

Revealed Plans

After 10 months of working on board, brother is coming home next month. As much as he wanted his arrival to be a surprise, unfortunately his plan of surprising us will not be a surprise anymore. His good friend spill and revealed his plans. She said that he along with other friend who just came home from abroad too and his new girl friend booking for a vacation in Bohol. My reliable source even told me that my brother was asking to look for a best deals of good accommodation and affordable place like a Buffalo Hotels that they can avail. He is planning this early for their getaway, so that is already a sure clue that he will be arriving by the date he told to the reliable source. I really wanted to offer him some help since I am almost 24/7 online. Also by blog walking I have lots of resources I read and found online. But knowing him, I know he will not asks for my help. Yet I know, he visited my blogs. Probably by chance that he may drop here in this blog, he will surely know what to do, and he always know where to find me and ask for my help like a Gogobot that can extend my service. He need not to worry, I am not going to ask him much in return. *winks*


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