Monday, May 21, 2012

Effect of Being a SAHM

After I graduated from high school, I never had more time to stay that long here in my place. I've been very busy not only to studies but other curricular and non curricular activities away from my place. And as I realized earlier that this is the longest time I stay at our home. More than a year literally at home. But this time, I ain't bored anyway. Maybe if this scenario (the long stay topic alone) happened few years back I am surely insane by now. It's because I am a stay at home mom. I enjoy every second of staying at home. Good thing we have intranet. Though I maybe inactive to a city life I am somehow updated on what's going on, what's new, whereabouts and other related stuff. And this intranet serves it's best as it also introduces me to good online deals. Hence I am all the time at home, shopping for good deals either self pampering stuff, items, getaways and the likes I can grab them all if I wanted or if I am looking for it. I guess this is one of the major effect of being SAHM. I got to get excited on online deals to avail without making myself a hard time of going into the merchants place. And one more thing I find online deals more cheaper than actual prices. I confess, I am addicted or I am an addict now :) . I still have unused vouchers  though all of them is not yet expired, here I am again checking for good deals. And for the nth time bought another deals tonight. I maybe saving the deals. (justifying my impulsive deal buying.)

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rona said...

Really? What did you avail this time?


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