Friday, June 29, 2012

Funny Emoticons

Everybody uses emoticons. Everybody who uses cellular phones or computer. This is simply expressing an  emotion via email or sms. It also adds flavors to whatsoever message we want to deliver. An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters, usually written to express a person's mood. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. The word emoticon is a combined word from emotion and icon. Nowadays there lots of applications for different gadgets have new emoticons . Emoticons now is more attractive and sometimes uses props other than reaction round faces.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Addicted to Mobile Browsing

It's been so long that I content myself with a low end cellphone. I mentioned here in one of my post that I am rooting for a new one since the the one that I used is about to say it's goodbye. Luckily I have a generous mom. (Not to mention this specific goodness I am really lucky having her!)Anyway, About the new phone, I am enjoying much of this one. Or maybe just the thought that it is my first time to have my own brand of this unit. I enjoy exploring downloading applications and the rest about the phone. Hubby gave me the best statement when he says that Blackberry is one of the most expensive yet reasonable Operating System among mobile brands. Features really excites me as I learn every bit of it day by day. I once had an iPhone but I never enjoyed it, because I am not for touch screen phones. I have a sweaty hand and obviously that doesn't feel comfortable it will only make the screen messy. This qwerty blackberry is a very user friendly for me. I never enjoyed browsing in a mobile hone not until I try using this one. This addiction to mobile browsing make me stay awake till dawn.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Business As Usual

Warning: This post is all about my opinion. This is MY blog and if you don't want what you read then leave this page.

Almost half of the world felt dismay regarding on Pacquiao Bradley fight last Sunday .  It's obvious who actually won. I am not saying this because I am a Filipino and into Manny Pacquiao's side. No I am not. I am actually not a boxing fan. I am just a critic and an observant. Because of this controversial fight, I first assumed that maybe, my neighbors, sports critics or the media men in the country was just over reacting and cannot get over the fact that this time Manny lost the fight. I didn't watch it that same day because I am busy and actually not interested. Since, practicality reason whether Manny win or loose I am not going to be benefited (lol). So instead of sitting in front of the T.V wait for his punch at et al, I choose to look for prospect business or jobs online while taking care of the baby and our little business.
Going back since this fuzz around the social networking sites and all over our place , I asked hubby to download the fight and we're going to watch it together. Watching it closely and uninterrupted makes me say " everybody's fuzz about the fight make sense at all". It's an obvious business as usual matter. Making controversy, popularity and doing it over again (rematch) in exchange of big earnings. After that fight now I know why Floyd Mayweather was that boastful and had he's ego higher than himself that he believes he can defeat Manny Pacquiao despite of, in spite of. Though obviously with his situation  he cannot. Because he, Mayweather believes in business not in strength nor Pacquiao's capability y of defeating him! Business that will make everything possible and another thing he is an American. I am no against American, I am just aware of the politics that no matter what American will never ever be a Filipino's underdog. Whether it's in a competition, sports , politics etc. Even in little details they don't let it happen that they will be dominated by Filipinos. Like what happened at American Idol. With Jessica Sanchez. She will never be a grand winner because she is half breed Filipino even if she fought the least American contender. There were news that Bob Arum was asking for investigation regarding the decision and the fight but for me, that was just a show.

Now I just realize that talking with my eldest brother makes sense. I learned a lot from him and got  new information how was the world outside our country. I'm so tats he's my bro :) .Since he was the one who always educate me about this stuff in Politics, History and even Greek Mythology.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Australian Account

I get hired last March. Yet the contract signing has been postponed because the CEO who supposed to conduct the contract signing during that time had an emergency. She's pregnant and having  preterm labor . Fortunately though the baby born premature, the baby and the CEO is both recuperating fast. But the problem is because of that premature delivery, my supposed to be work has been postponed too. And unfortunately the CEO been out of focused with the company and now is in the midst of failing. It is a new company that hopefully turning it's first anniversary this coming August if by chance will survive the bankruptcy. And because of that news personally brought by my sister in law whom currently working there, I personally decided not to pursue the  career in that company. I am more serious of working now. I want and looking for a company that will provide enough helping hubby for now our small family and also a company that I can grow old too. The problem with stability of that company I applied is a big factor not to pursue working there. I am seeing myself back in a BPO industry. A lot of reason why I prefer working in this industry. Though this is not professionally wise for me but this will provide me and my family enough. It's all about money?! Yes indeed!. It's all about money.
Mom have a request about me working. She wants me to look for a day shift work. Probably an Australian account if I still want to be in a BPO. It's more about credit card and the likes if it's an Australian Account. I am not new with the type of account. I like it more than a telco account. I am just hoping that I can find one near to our place. So as I am not going to waste more time in traveling.


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