Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Goodness

I started simple work outs just today. True that it really shakes my knees though it was just simple stretching and mild exercises. Now I am a bit amazed on myself how my body works before when I was a football player. What I just did this morning is a very simple compared to what we used to do in practice way back college days. I have this goal in mind that I will be back playing my first love and even share it soon to my little cow girl. Soccer. In order for me to be back in the field, I need first to loose weight, regain old skills and agility. I am not promising but as much as I want, I will avoid vices. ^_^ WISH MYSELF MUCH OF LUCK! hee hee. And the sooner I can say yes to a former team mates invitation for a MILO Football Cup.  Changing my routine for the better. Good bye lazy and lax days. Now wake up early, do the exercise and stretching, biking and a little game practice. Religiously doing these routine starting today and the following days. :)

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