Monday, September 17, 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

As the generations vary from different perspectives, a lot of terms exists from different descriptions of mankind nowadays. Specifically to manliness. As I personally see what manliness, though I grew in this generation I am still concrete and clear to my mind what manliness means for me. In one word, it still being respectful. I may overlooked  some physical psyche of a man most of the time but I see to it that there's this being respectful enough  stands in a man's persona. But wouldn't it be near to perfect that a man have both?. An attitude that can be called him a man and an appearance that makes him more stand out. 
I am a super proud wifey talking here. Hihihi. I am so much blessed having the perfect as I describe husband. He is the most vain man I've ever met. In six years being with him no doubt he is a certified straight guy. He being vain is such his normal way. Looking good and wearing positive attitude towards everyone was the tactics he used to made me say "I do" to him. Also didn't surprise me to see that he can full our vanity closet with much of his stuff than mine. And for me to be able to answer “How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?” I ask husband to answer since he as my favorite topic and was in hot seat as I threw the question to him.

- Being aware of how you look is realy important for me. I admit I am vain, I was once asked by a good friend  if I maybe a metrosexual . That actually didn't offended me at all. I am so thankful that in that question I have the opportunity to explain my side of being a vain man who were that conscious of my appearance. For me looking good isn't the basic component of being a man but a bonus. The ability to accept shortcomings, courage, physical strength and respect for other is what a man composed for me. No matter how many generations come and passed by , nor cultures trying to influenced us, being firm and educated with this traits is a motto that will always be in my mind and will teach to my future children. Looking good is important as well as how you can present yourself to others. Acting and presenting with conviction. The ability to carry yourself with all confidence with putting reality in mind that I maybe that superman still I am not perfect. The best I can do is make myself, appearance pleasing to everyone. That I can stand with my principles and beliefs.

I am very much  satisfied with his answer so I am rooting from more vain guys he can go along with at Kojie.San Men's Club . Were being vain isn't automatically mean something green at all. :) I guess hubby will surely enjoy being part of this club. 

Check out Facebook fan page of Kojie.san Men’s Club to find our how to preserve mankind.



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