Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another People to Cherish

I am not a friendly type person, it usually took a week or two before people tries to approach me. Blame it to my fiercely looking eyes and snob like attitude. Honestly, I am more interested of having friends. It's just because of my face (so blame it on it lol)for a wrong first impression  and most especially I don't want to be called a "feeling close girl". Anyhow, when I bump along with people whom I felt like having a strong connection, like for instance, same mean or meaner than me( si Ate Jho un!), sarcastic (Tito mike), funny persona (si Holy Mau un!); we can sense actually each other and get along smoothly. This what happens to me as I entered the small company where my sister in law works.  There where lots of good people rather than sh*tty one. As my personal feelings, though I love to stay because of the good people, I opted too because how the management treating the good ones isn't fair enough for the compassion how they work not to mention about government mandatory benefits huh! And knowing myself I make a way to let those people I didn't like to feel mutual. Yeah making them feel I am a threat. (Because I want changes! Though it wasn't me who will be benefited in the long run, I know, I prayed and I hope so that the good people I treasures can experience it.)   Those good people doesn't deserve to be treated like fcuk. And guess what MANAGEMENT FELT THE SAME! hahahaha  This is not sour-graping, I have better careers, indeed I am very much sure of it. I am so thankful that He above there always blessed me, us. Anyway we all have a choice and I respects that it's not about the money why they chose to stay though not being well taken cared, it's all about the camaraderie,laughter and enjoyment they feel whenever working in one not so spacious place. Perhaps the selfish boss, a young bloated girl who's overwhelmed with the word "manager", an IT wanna be  so called manager too and  a scammer accountant whom wasn't knowledgeable enough for the deductions, computations and love disputes process ( she actually has her own rules!) wasn't included  to the good one's I am pertaining. They were actually the villains of this story. heehee.

A short stay that will leave a mark on me forever. Because I met real good people.  For the record, because of the "Tundra" my fourth day at work and the rests til a month has never been the same as my past work experiences and still doubting if i will meet same species on the future endeavor. lol 

 (see this is the only picture we had yet it complements our attitude.. lol)

Kuya G-  helps me to figure a lot of issues from the pasts .. thanks to the info and the stories *wink*
Ate El-  reminds me of chillin' like the old days hehehe
Ate D- being cool doesn't end with the age :p
Tito Mike- Life's a choice to make it easier eh :D ( i-spam na yan!)
Boss E- thanks for being a fabulous gay! :D I enjoy your momentums, I laughed at it, enjoyed it and sometimes chuckle silently  :D
Sophie Momma- I am really afraid of you (honestly) but came to realize you're just a mean sweet person. But most of the time meaner lol

Lastly having this young momma as a workmate is indeed part of the record too :D

Dude I will miss this annoying stuff you did.. and you checking on my cleavage once in a while (tomboy!) and even butt crack too :p  !

Oh by the way before this posts ends, I want to thank Boss Ice too! who always makes me tremble(salamat sa ilang umagang nerbyos at kaba) as he enters the floor. Whom I am afraid of because I thought and assumes that he hates the world.Ang tapang kasi mgsasalita at pagalit  Oh well I assumed BatangueƱo siguro to! :D 


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