Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frustration Diverts to Shopping

This topic I am posting maybe not so new to those who frequently visited my blog. I am a hopper. Yes a call center hopper. I am not proud of it cause I know the implication of it was that I have an attitude problem. I admit I had. Accepting the fact helps me realize things and worked on to change it. As a new born mother everything was changed. Feels like I am an android cellular phone that experience a total reboot. From perceptions to goals. Everything changes. Only one thing that remains the same to me, I assumed, it's about me being optimistic. Today it is more strengthens. I believe that everything happens for great reasons and I will not be part of something if I am not going to learn anything about it. Of course I am a human that also feels frustrated at times and if this feeling comes along the way only one thing that makes me composed and positive again. Browsing at Zalora. Since 2009 that I started this guilty pleasure of online shopping. I am not that addictive perhaps 30 % of my online income went to online purchases. After making an assessment of myself, I got to learned that managing it as well will making me to be a better person. No denials, no defense mechanism. Accepting and working on how to turn things positively.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

LAZADA'S Biggest Online Sale 11/11

Philippines, 11th of November 2013: LAZADA.com.ph, the biggest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia, today announces the start of theOnline Revolution on 11/11/13 (Monday).
The Online Revolution will take place from 11/11 to 12/12. The concept is based on Cyber Monday from the US: the biggest online shopping day which takes place every Monday after Thanksgiving.The Lazada Online Revolution will be a month full of special events and deals. This event will revolutionize online shopping by giving away great discounts and exciting prices on the website.

The CEO of LAZADAPhilippines, InancBalci said: “Our 12-12-12 campaign last year was very successful with our customers and we decided to make a tradition and movement out of it. This year, we are expanding the scale of the online revolution. Wehave very exciting events and deals with our partners. In short the Online Revolution is set change the old ways of and bring about the superior means of shopping which is online shopping, a one stop solution.”
Every hour from 11AM-11PM, 11 hot deals will be revealedup to 70% off. Apart from that, each hour slot will feature a surprise item that can be purchased for Php11 only! That could be a 32” LED TV, a camera, laptop and other exciting surprises.

There’s even more! Lazada will be giving all VISA cardholders a BIG treat (Credit and Debit cardholders). They can get additional 15% off on ALL items on top of the huge discountsLazada is already giving. Catch it from 2-4pm on 11-11-13. Imagine buying a brand new iPhone 5C for only at Php21,000++ (SRP: Php25,000).

Throughout this lavishing week of great deals, Lazada will even feature a bundle campaign wherein selected items will be bundled with awesome items. Plus, a campaign for branded watches, fashion, mobile and tablets etc. with discounts of up to 70% off.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Share Love with Max

Share love this holiday season with Max Christmas packages.

The sumptuous package will speak for your feeling to a friend or love one you will share it with. Max always offers delightful gifts to everyone. Grab one for you and see it for yourself for its worth sharing.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Problem with a Monetized Blog

Once upon a time a not so writer writing this post enjoys reading blogs. Personal blogs that has real stories and real experiences. She loves blog hopping, truthfully commenting, knowing other bloggers life updates and adventures and learning from their experiences. But that was ONCE UPON A TIME.

As I am having difficulties managing my time being a first time mother and instant two children, my passion in reading other's blogs suddenly disappear. As I recognize upon reading their post becoming more and more of an advertisement. Of coarse I understand, I as well as I am also doing advertised post, but for some I read , no more life story related post. For the sense of earning, the essence of real blogging (I assumed knowing the authors) decreasing its quality. The feelings that used to be incorporated in every post becoming null. I felt sad for I have known some bloggers in the blogosphere whom used to blog to chronicle life experiences.  I am not enjoying reading some blogs anymore if in one glance I saw that it is a sponsored post. Also it so rare that you can see a real helpful link. Most of the links incorporated in a post were advertisement. I am not against advertising and earning thru blogs. Actually I am hoping and praying that my blogging life will be fruitful. The thing that I am concerned about is reading realistic articles. Wrap with emotions posts. I used to read numerous blogs that I've known for years a diary blogs but visiting their blog now is like visiting a newspaper on the net. So dull, emotion less, and more links and ads. I am happy for them , for that means lots of income, but I know I am not the only one who wants to read real stories from their blogs. Especially those blogs that were very helpful such as parenting blog, tips and how to's etc. I guess this is one big disadvantages of bloggers having a Facebook account. They do not write on their blogs to share anymore instead post it on their Facebook account.*sigh*

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Right Way To Fly

 As I am rooting for a vacation after I gave birth to my second baby, just right in time Nuffnang and AirAsia Zest prepares a delightful treat to every Nuffnanger!. Indeed a generous treat for all of us.

As part of AirAsia Zest press release last 20th September 2013 that they’re moving its flights from Clark Airport to Manila in order to serve better more Filipinos who want to fly. AirAsia has been known for its affordable all in no hidden charges flight fares.  With a brand new name Air Asia Zest means it is officially partnered with Zest Air. Together with Nuffnang a treat for every Filipino their  AirAsia Zest, a Right Way To Fly!
I want to be part of the exciting contests that I list down the places I wanted to visit with my kids. I want to Travel in the Philippines with my beloved and enjoyable companions, my family.

My Brother background the Underground River during their Honeymoon

Puerto Princesa
Who wouldn't want to land on one of the seven wonders of the world?! It's a pleasure checking the place myself. Looking at its beauty personally with matching sahring the history with my toddler. I really wanted  to go to Puerto Princesa. It's one of my dream destination before I started dreaming of going globally.

Husband in Cebu , he was sent by his office to their branch there. So it was only him :(

The year husband and I got married, we have a supposedly honeymoon at Cebu and Bohol. The ticket  and our accommodation has been booked which is a gift from our Godparent residing in Cebu who's actually waiting for us then. For some reason, (because I m pregnant ) My OB did not allow me to travel because I am suffering from a severe edema. Our vacation and itenerary got wasted and our money too. But no regrets, It's for my safety but still I wanted to go to Cebu to visit our Godfather who never fails to bless us and include us, our family in his prayers. Oh by the way, Our Godfather is a dear priest friend of husband whom he acknowledge as his second dad.

My cousin(skin toned cover ups) enjoying the fine sands of Boracay with her Girlfriends

Believe it or not , my foot were not landing on Boracay yet!. I should've lots of opportunities when I was single, but visiting that place is not one of my dream during that time. I told myself I am gonna visit that place of heaven if I am with my  beloved family. And now having my beloved husband and kids I am now ready to meet and greet the sands of Boracay!.

Getting internationally, of coarse I have plans too! As of today these were just dreams but I know i no time I can make this dreams reality with the help of Air Asia Zest affordable rates too. Travel in Asia with AirAsia!
 Picture from myanimalcare.org

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Dreaming of seeing the highest peak mountain in Southeast Asia. As a former mountaineer way back in college, it's one of my dream climbing this Mt. Kinabalu at Malaysia. Although I know it is't easy as it says but ven only seeing the mountain personally seems like a dream come true already. I know today, that I have kids , it's impossible to go back in mountain climbing, probably whren my kids get older, wherein if they will love adventures as I do, I can tag them along to climb again.

My niece Yeong euni.

Incheon, South Korea
I am not a K Pop lover but that doesn't mean I am not loving to visit Incheon. I have good friends and a relative residing in Incheon and  would love to pay them a visit if I maybe given a chance to do so.

I am so excited as traveling made easier and convenient with this two budget friendly airlines now partnered and can give every Filipino an exciting travelventure! :D

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Setting Up Topics to Write

I am one of those bloggers who suffer writers block. The thing is I felt like it happened most of the time to me. But whenever I am not in front of the computer, I think and have in mind a lot of topics to write and to share. Formulating my own management on my condition (pertaining to writer's block thingy). I decided to make a list of topics that pops up on my mind. I may never know where and what blog for it to categorize but just keep on writing such titles and topic description is a big help. Still I am having a hard time staying in the computer because of my 21 month old daughter but borrowing mom's tablet phone, helps me to write down what I needed and continues it when my baby's asleep. I am into monetizing my blog but more than that as the main reason I have blogs is to chronicle our life, adventures and misadventures. Earning is a big bonus for me in blogging which is I am much thankful about. Recently I've got to enjoy reading archives of my blogs. It made me laugh, reminisce, sometimes saddened and recall what were the things I should be thankful for today. I also found out that I am getting more and more better in writing. Heehee. Though my blogs sometimes took so long before I update it, it only means my daughter has more time on the computer than me. ;D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Story Behind the Crying Cop

I am always watching news every night and the headline about this cop really interests me. Who wouldn't be? I guess anybody didn't expect a big police man deployed in a dispersal assignment to maintain peace and orderliness on the day of the President's SONA will show emotions and weakness. "Weakness" exactly the word I thought immediately and after hearing the headlines. Which was actually I felt ashamed afterwards learning about the real story behind. Ashamed that I conclude that the policeman is weak.
Photo by Rem Zamora for ABS-CBNnews.com

Learning that the cop's name Is SPO1 Joselito Sevilla a private policemen from Marikina Police Unit. It was his first dispersal assignment and probably he is not used with the protesters and the situation. As per protocol on duty, what SPO1 Sevilla's action was out of control. He should be reprimanded for showing such emotions in the middle of amidst situation. Truth and given the fact that we are all human ,can feel pain, tiredness and suffering yet bound and sworn by duty as professional his actions still not accepted.

Photo by Rem Zamora for ABS-CBNnews.com
 SPO1 Sevilla consoled by the protesters.

The thing that made me moved knowing the real story is that this policemen shows his identity of being a good person who refused to war, bloody protests and riots. It is so rare to know people especially a policeman like SPO1 Sevilla in the uniform of PNP. Most of the guys were like goons that untouchables and unbreakable. Showing his softness didn't actually seemed to be a weakness , now I can say. In my own opinion, it his passion being a policeman and a good person can still be not separated although bound by duty. 

Photo by Rem Zamora for ABS-CBNnews.com
The policeman flashing the peace sign before the dispersal is same person as the crying cop.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blogger Kha-m Back Little Giveaway

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hello dear friends (if I have here hehehe) It's been so long that I am not active with my blogging tasks. Blog hopping, visiting, commenting and the likes. Pardon me, though it's been a year and nine months that I am a mom yet I am still having a hard time managing my time. That's why I greatly acknowledge and partially envy those other blogging , working moms who can continually managed not just one but many blogs.

As a treat to those faithful friends whom continuously visiting this blog, new friends will soon come and visit here and soon will be my friends and those who accidentally dropped by. I am holding my first ever giveaway. Who wouldn't want Freebies?

Thanks to Firmoo for sponsoring though after my blogging hiatus they still gives me a chance sponsoring my giveaway.

By the way wondrin' who is Firmoo?

Firmoo is the world's most popular online optical store.
They have a large selection of affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses.
I have eyeglasses from them and not because they are my sponsor I am going to tell this but as a satisfied customer, I can say the product from them is really good. Not just stylish but the the quality is superb considering I have a toddler who always fought to have her own pair. 
I've got five pairs of sunglasses from Firmoo, I showed only four since I am not able to use my prescription glass because I'm pregnant and it doesn't fit on my lense. Hormonal changes. I am not a fan of sunglasses since I am lack of a visible nose bridge but husband is.

There are a few prizes up for grabs:
(1) Six (6) valid contestants will get $20 E-Vouchers that can be used towards any Classic Series Frames seen here
Some of the frames are less than $20. The E-vouchers are only applied to frames. 
Shipping is extra. Please check here to see if they ship to your country.
(2) If there are over fifty (50) contestants, one grand prize winner will receive one free pair of Classic Series Glasses with shipping included! 
 Contest Rules (mandatory simple)
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(2) Visit this link here and let me know in the comments below which pair of glasses you would like to win!

And Wait there's more!!

Firmoo also has a "First Free Pair Program" where you only have to pay for shipping! 
Check it out here.
Winners will be chosen by Random.org

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Setting a More Direct Niche

After years of blogging , just today that I finally thought of fixing my blog's niche's. Funny but seriously I am having a hard time doing so. Most of my blogs becoming general since I can't find the right topics to post each of it. Now I am more serious than ever to make this project "niche-ing" blogs properly.I will start with this blog. Since this is my first born and an original diary, my daily rants and what not's will be posted in here. SO expect this blog to be more broad than others and sometimes will cover other niche's scope (which was actually what I am trying to avoid grr). This time as I mentioned, I am more serious. For me to be able to create and find more motivation in blogging I need and have to do this. After the stressful blog back up and transferring and hosting concerns to my other domain blogs, I am sure that I now have all my vacant time to face the real and more motivated blogging career.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

False Impression

This is just a compilation of thoughts that had happened the good old days. I find it interesting seems recently, I've noticed that my blogs were being visited by teeners. Sharing this old thoughts might be helpful.
I am no perfect teen. I did a lot of mistakes and adventures. I am happy and got no regrets, but one thing I am always sure of, I know my limitations. Most of the time I disobey mom but she never knew or she did but on the later end. My promise to myself is to never disappoints my family especially mom. So if I have to be happy and careless, it's all on me and with my nasty friend world only. The thing that I love most on my teenage days was the part were I am involve into guys. That involvement got nothing to do with a male female relationship instead a one of the boys stage. I've got to learn and understand some real good and bad and even nasty guys perceptions about gals.  To sum it all up, I have learned that most types of guys did not love the first girl that they've got attracted to. If for some reason they end up together, a long journey of misery on the first chapter of their married life. Now that I am happily married and friends and peers with almost the same age was too, I've got the chance to prove that observation.

The following statement has stories and real life characters that I knew personally. But not necessarily means situations present only to one person. It's a compilation.
A hot chick will always be gorgeous in every guys eyes but never be an ideal girl.

A sosy girl will always be noticeable and seemed to be cool but never be a dream girl.

A girl who always shows her assets is like a vendor that always had  high profits and guy will only give 30% chance of making their  relationship seriously.
A simple girl with a former campus crush boyfriend was 90%  not  virgin .
A feeling cool/feeling close girl doesn't always seemed cool to guys instead taking advantage of her attitude that she can take more meaner and worst treatments and let her gave up being a feeler.
A sophisticated girl is always a dream girl.
A firm and proper girl were always top subjects of maniac guys. 
Guys were interested to make butch a female.
Having the campus crush girl is only always a trophy for guys.
Teenage life is more of a complications, in order to survive you have to set goals and be concise . And true as what elders always say never focus to relationships instead set it as a part time life bonus.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Neutral: Avoiding Misunderstandings

Being a stay at home mom means limiting my hangouts with my true and real friends. Of coarse what to expect, I am a mom of a toddler and expecting on the way for the second time around, no more time for going out with friends. The more that I stay at home, the more I get to know my not so good neighbors. I am not good either especially to their eyes or to everyone's eyes in our neighborhood. But this is my blog and my insights has the right to be placed on here. Knowing most of them, especially those that were not so old but not the same age as mine, I am so much thankful I have this life that I chose. Indeed, I now accepted the fact that my current situation is not because I am out of choice but because this is actually what I have chosen. It just too late before I realized the fact. Also being a SAHM, in order to avoid making gossips about others life on my free time (though parang wala naman akong free time), blogging is more addicting and more productive. One more thing, I also see Facebook as a form of virtual gossiping. Not good either. Now I prefer my social networking accounts more of a communication bridge solely. I opted the unnecessary notifications.
Back again, the reason why I wrote this post is about being thankful for always. For the blessings; the trials; the good and the bad that happens in my life and literally for everything. I learned that it is better to look it that way than to keep on complaining of life's offerings. Why I hate so much social interaction outside home. Their delivering bad vibes and instead their convincing me to hate anybody in the community, they were just teaching me to be mad at them. Most of the people around complaining on the life they had right now, to be more of a neutral conversational (those times that I can't find a way to escape), Just keep on saying you have a choice to so the right thing you think you should do. Yeah, that's what they always heard on me. Never give a piece of trash talk or opinion about others. (mahirap na mgkakapitbahay lang kame! hmpf). I only talk to those people I really trusted but sad to say other than my family and real friends, got no other options in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope This Will Last the Soonest

As part of the process of pregnancy regarding hormone level changes, I am suffering a something unusual (for me) symptoms. I am well informed and understood about this but still can't help but complain especially I am seeing my skin being tortured as wounds making my skin ugly. Besides this is my second pregnancy that I didn't suffer on my first. That's why I have lots of questions in my mind on where did I am lack of. Ironically though I know such facts still I questioned. Funny how I master my subject in college in particular with maternal and child and now that I am in the that stage I am having a hard time believing theories. Maybe I am just in denial and thinking that I might be exempted. heehee. But I am hoping this little rashes turned to wounds will heal the soonest. I am doing everything natural I can to treat it and reduced the damage into my skin. Also the fact that I am already an adult, wound scar will not vanish by itself at all and I need to exert a lot of effort to bring back the clean skin I used to have. As I kid into others, I don't have that super pretty face nor charm and even  a fair glowing skin that everyone can appreciate once I am seen but the only external features to be noticed is my clean brown skin. Now that it wasn't that clean, I felt like all my confidence turned to its lowest level and I am having a hard time working with the confidence itself if I am seeing such glitch around my legs. Everybody around cheering me up for it will vanish once I gave birth. I understand indeed it will but the marks won't. (sigh). Anyway I still can managed just as long as I am thinking that this ugliness is in exchange of a healthy gorgeous and lovable baby coming out by September.

Tigers love to tug on purple ducks

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY and Recycling Project

Its been a year or more that I got into DIY stuff.Now that we we're having our own space in mom's house, buying isn't the first choice for everything. Even if there's an allotted budget still t is not the first thing in mind. Mom have lots of stuff. She said she cannot use everything she has and the best way to dispose it is to give it to us and make use of it. She planned on having a smaller abode enough for her to move and have rest. A place which is relaxing less mess, and less unnecessary appliances. That is an advantage to us. Though we almost completed our stuff living independently for four years, most f it was given to MIL. And currently they were using it so it ain't good to ask it all back, besides husband is the eldest and it was bought when he was still unmarried. I assumed it is just best to give it to them for good.

One thing that I guess I got from mom is about recycling. Mom recycles everything. When I was a kid I always complaint of having lots of stuff which I thought cannot be used anymore. From dress to, construction materials,  to home furniture and even cabinets ,paints, brushes, used woods and almost everything that she thinks still can be use, she will keep it. Despite of all the mess around home, all of it has been used.Now that her stock is empty we need to buy new ones.
Now that we're renovating, I make use and recycled of our stalls and cabinets. Our cabinets were just new a year ago, the woods  still good and because of a not so good and convenient outcome who made it we did not use it. Besides recycling and DIY projects saves us a lot. Though it maybe  more of an effort, it 's all worth it since it's for our own house.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

We love watching movies. Whether it's in the big screen or simply at the comfy of our home. Husband loves downloading high definition movies that best watched at LCD tv. We were fond of 3d cartoons, anime, action, series movies and comedy love story (horror and drama is not on our lists ). Along with our movie addiction is our favorite companion aside from each other, a popcorn. This feels like we we're in a real big screen, with our lights of  a kettle korn popcorn and a soda beside completes our movie marathon days. That's why we we're so thrilled knowing that Kettle Korn will be one of the sponsor along with my beloved Nuffnang in an exclusive screening of “Fast & Furious 6” happening this May 24, 2013 at the Shangri-La Cineplex! Thinking just like the old days that if you were going to join a certain contest the wrappers of sponsor products we're needed. hahaha We have a lot in our home for Kettle Korn. Good thing today isn't that crappy complicated yet if we were ask to bring it, I surely will hehehe. Today, contest we're simplify. Specially if it hosted by Nuffnang. A no sweat guaranteed legit contests being hosted for years. Just need to answer the question below.

Fast and Furious 6 Trailer

If you were to star in your own movie, what would your story be? Share with us your plot.

If I were to star in my own movie, it would be a modern super hero type. For me a modern super hero type as I describe is just a simple normal person but have all the money in the world to spend in helping others. It's more like of a good Samaritan but wait a twist will also be that I am also the vigilant for corrupt and bad people. I use my money power and popularity to hunt for corrupt officials, bad people and others that give burden to the society. It means that I have all the rights to do so and decide for the bad people. I am the justice, law maker and the  one also who executes punishment. Does it sounds cruel?. hehehe Probably a nicer version of Cruella Devil from 101 Dalmatians movie. This is how my movie goes.

Also, tell us how Kettle Korn makes watching movies poppin’ fun all time! 

Kettle Korns popcorn is a very good companion in watching movies. It goes along with excitement, relaxes you with a fine movie, can cry with you every bit in a drama, horrifies with you in a horror/thriller scene and run with you in action. The way you bit and enjoy your popcorn goes along with  the genre of the movie your watching. I felt it that way. For sometime when happened to watched a thriller movie, my popcorn bowl sometimes missing (but the truth is hubby is hiding it). When it's action I have to hurry getting my share cause hubby gets so excited that about to emptied it. If it's a comedy we can feast on it simultaneously because we laugh from time to time mouths bit busy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Raining Awesome Leggings

Since I gained weight after my delivery to my first baby, leggings is one of my options in order to be on track with the latest fashion style. Aside from it's comfort, never be out of style designs and fits for any occasion characteristics reason why I love having lots of them. From then on that I become an avid customer of an online store named ROMWE. They were providing different styles of leggings and also affordable and good deals too. Just like now they were having the biggest flash sale. It's over 300 plus crazy awesome leggings to choose from. From, chick to rock to formal designs, named it and they have it in their online store. And the very best part of it is that there were no minimum purchase required and it's a free delivery worldwide.

Head on to the biggest flash sale and experience wearing awesome collections. Just click on the link below the image. I assure you won't regret owning a piece or more of leggings from ROMWE.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Blesings to Be Thankful

It's  just  weeks ago since I said I will be back writing. Some circumstances unexpectedly arises and my again nth time promise of being active to blogging again slowly get blurred. This is when I encounter a rocky road on my life's journey. As much as I wanted I don't want to write a negative thoughts on all of my blogs. I want to share good things, positive mantra and happy stories. This ain't pretending, I just believe that some petty problems need not to be broadcasted. Perhaps there were also times that I am overwhelmed with joy and I can not think enough what to write to share it. Well I now believe that I am a very complicated girl. Lucky me I have my very kind hubby.
Going back, despite petty little issues, I am so much thankful for the little blessings I received especially in my blogging career (do I have one eh? :D ).   It's been so long that my blogs being left idle and just recently that I decided to bring back it's life. I  wrote few posts and seeing it ranking to PR 1 (ALL of my blogs except for the health blog I Care) that fast after reviving from death is a very very good news for me. At least it gave me hope that I can still bring back my blogs status, their life before I get busy with  my little master. It maybe a little and not so special news for others but for me, it's some kind of a big door opening for opportunities that's how I see it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Subic Experience

I cannot consider myself a traveler at all though I only visited few places yet. But once I am with one good place I never forgot to write my personal inputs about it.

Last February we've got the chance to went to Olongapo, Subic for Aneisha's first birthday, It's our niece. It's a long travel here from Cavite  considering that we have a  baby to thug along with us. But that ain't give us a hard time to decide going  since Lyxn is a very easy baby to go along. She loves traveling that's why she behaves like a little angel whenever in a puv.

At the Party

The gift giving to the celebrator

About Subic, since it was my first time, I was really amazed how clean the place was. No wonder why animals such as monkeys, bats and different bird species can be seen on the roadside  as if not afraid of the commuters. They were friendly and even enjoy posing at the camera. The malls in Clark offers different kinds of entertainment. Like any other malls in Manila they have almost the same that everyone will be fond of. The airport is well organized, clean and if talks about parking problems and traffic jam there were none.  I think most of the people is disciplined. Even bikers and tricycle drivers follow rules properly and maybe by heart. That's why the place is so organized.

There were lots of places to enjoy at Subic. Aside from a clean airport, the Ocean Adventure Park can also be found here and the Zoobic Safari. Other than that there were free parks like the birds and bats sanctuary, the human untouched forests and others. Most of the free parks were not too much touched by humans. I mean they were preserved as it is to appreciate it's real beauty. Some of the thing that I noticed man provided is benches and most of them seems to be  natural too.
Us with the dolphins, i't hubby who took the picture, Lyxn obviously afraid to the dolphins.
Due to limited time and also we're there to attend the party, we've only got the chance to visit few places and Ocean Adventure is one of it. It's quite pricey for 550 php for a per head entrance fee but getting inside and experiencing it can say it's worth the amount we paid. The animal show is a superb experience. We also got the chance to have a picture with the Dolphins. That costs differently pricey too. Good thing brother in law's sister has a connection to help us to be discounted. We never tried going into Zoobic Safari because it would ate a lot of our budget if we did, but the next time we pay a visit to brother in law's place that is the next in our list not to miss.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thank You Bru

Thank you for being there all through miles the time that I needed you most. We may not be talking too much but your presence thru fb and you pasweet gesture messages makes me feel okay. Thank you for not taking for granted and for sometimes though I chose to ignore you, you insist putting in yourself in my world. Thanks for not giving up. Thanks because you were there. I opt to tell you anything not because you may not understand or I didn't trusts you. It's just because you were to listen and if worst baka mauna ka pang umiyak saken :p. You know and understand that I only needed someone who listens  in my state of depression. I often talk seriously about life's misfortune (my life indeed!) and you knew that if I did I do burst. When we we're in college I can handle a crybaby who seemed to cry with me if I tell something what about I am hurt into but now that I am a mom I don't think I can tolerate you will going to cry with me too baka mgpanicked ako hehehe. Or maybe I am that stagnant in looking at you as a little girl as always. Who seemed not to know how to cross the street safely, who always have a nanny on the side, who seemed can't attend a night girls/gay out, who can play along with me whenever I felt like being childish and whom I can offer a home whatever and whenever I want to. I know everything has changed. Though I've seen and felt that you were changed a lot, mature enough and responsible enough, I still wanted to treat you as my little sister who still needing me. Despite the times, the problems and a lot of changes you were still there, you were including me in your whole new world. You were considering still my advices, suggestion and evil ideas. I love it. I love how we handle this friendship the way we know . I love how you handle this friendship with me though everyone seemed to disagree being a friend of a mean like me. I love you bru see you soon.

this isn't about a free rotavirus 5 in 1 for baby number 2 huh. hehehe It's just that I feel like I wanted and needs to see you but due to schedule constraints and lots of blah blah, you're presence just made me feel a little better at all.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Different Side of Success

Everyone has its different side of success. This is what I realized as I was sour gaping the last time ( though I can't remember when was the last time) More and more looking and appreciating what I have makes me realize a lot of things these days. And just as I mentioned the realization of different side of success was the recent that I found out. Checking on friends online accounts, success, failure statuses blah blah made me feel to be thankful. First, though still I haven't fulfill my family's will being a licensed nurse, I am not a pain in the ass at home. I paid they hardships as I work for the family too and offer what I can. I earn for a living and I was blessed with lots of different talent and resources to made some moolah. Though I still felt like they were rooting for that licensed as fulfillment to the field where I graduated to. I still have plans still but it need to wait as I need to prioritize what's important for the meantime. Next, having my own family and being married to the guy I love most. It isn't easy to find true love and that's a fact!. I've known a lot who were very successful in terms of career but happiness ain't it all talk about . No one can live alone although others said they can it can't be true! Swear!Who would you share your success, who will be with you if you were down, who will you laugh with. Third, the business, I may not have the best career or my dream one yet the business we had provides for what we need and sometimes on what we desires too. We ain't had the promising luxury of the earth but we have the most life has to offer. We can make our own luxury in our own ways :D

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starting to Basic

The day this blog was missing is one big day of realization to me. I once thought I should decide to quit blogging since it ate lots of my time and supposedly my rests. But what had happened  lead me to a lesson that makes me realize, I can't stop blogging at all. It really saddened me knowing my blog has been removed. I tried to console myself saying that everything happens for a reason and let go of it, yet the feeling and the depression I've been through for days is a no joke. As husband saw it and my little angel felt it too. I am that sad. It affects my online life too (pertains to Facebook). Got no urge of using the internet and checking online accounts and even mails. That's why it really makes me alive again when finally blogger decided to bring it back live. Today I understand that the reason behind it is never take for granted even those stuff that made me happy. Truth that you will never feel it's importance if it isn't gone yet. And these blogs serves as my babies too. They make me happy, once completes me and once cheered  me up  when I felt down. 
Now though I am starting to basic again, got no regrets about it. These blogs (all of them) once provides me money. Though today it wasn't in the state that it can give me some earnings, I will not let them down, I am ready to start from the basic to gain again friends, page rank and opportunities to make it a lively blog again. For now I will start it to make a diary like it has before. 

And they share to my happiness

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank God This Blog is Now Back

It's been almost weeks that I felt really sad because of the bloggers automated spam checked issues. Unfortunately after not posting for a long time due to my busy schedule and offline tasks that keeps me really busy I was so surprised found it out that this blog has been deleted by blogger itself. Good thing it isn't a final decision yet and I can appeal to them. Now I can not contain my feelings how happy I am finding this blog now working again in my dashboard. FYI this is my first born blog. This started from 2006. If anyone will going to check my archives, there were posts that was written  under my native language. There were emotions, real stories and a for real diary inside this blog. That's why I really wonder why it was selected to be one of those spam blog. But as per explanation I received, "it's automated" so the accuracy of it is really questionable. Finally that dilemma I have been and almost thought of sending serious protest to blogger now vanished. All I can say is thank you and finally this blog works. But of coarse I learned my lesson hehehe. I am going to back up all my posts just in case same scenario happened, I will not be that depressed again :D.
Thanks Blogger!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nuffnang, Nokia & Abenson Bring You “Oz The Great and Powerful” Movie Screening

He's work of art, skills and talent now back and will bring a new hit in the big screen on the coming days!

Not only the movie itself is an epic story but being directed by one of the best directors in the movie industry is a must seen work!

Sam Raimi, headed the direction of the movie “Oz The Great and Powerful” an American fantasy adventure film which is inspired by L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and is set before the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

I have been watching The Wizard of Oz since I was a kid in a local channel. Been loving the characters and the story by then, reason why I can't content happiness hearing that it will be now  seen in the big screen. The casts amazed me and as I mentioned, I am expecting more of it because of the director, with his reputation and talent making blockbuster movies in history.

Happiness completely being served to my comfort as being a Nuffie, Nuffnang, Nokia and Abenson giving Nuffnangers an opportunity to watch the special screening of the movie for FREE. Every Nuffnanger now have the opportunity to see James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz on the big screen comfortably at Cinema 1 Shangri-La Plaza for a very easy details can be found HERE.

And there's more to offer. What about owning the latest gadget from Nokia?

Oh how opportunities came at this easy simple task. You can own a Nokia 920,  Lumia 620 & 820  all powered by windows 8 smart phones in a very easy way. Just visit any of the three branches of a the country's biggest appliance network, also a major destination for shoppers of the latest in mobile technology, Abenson. Voila you've got a chance to win one of the smart phones mentioned just heading to their store branches The New Glorieta, Trinoma and EDSA Shangri-La. You'll be given a unique code which you need to enter in the form at Nuffnang.com.ph when you submit your entry to their blog contest. An entry for the gadget raffle.

Don't waste the opportunity to miss the movie Oz The Great and Powerful and your luck owning a Windows 8 mobile smart phone. Join the another great Nuffnang event.


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