Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank God This Blog is Now Back

It's been almost weeks that I felt really sad because of the bloggers automated spam checked issues. Unfortunately after not posting for a long time due to my busy schedule and offline tasks that keeps me really busy I was so surprised found it out that this blog has been deleted by blogger itself. Good thing it isn't a final decision yet and I can appeal to them. Now I can not contain my feelings how happy I am finding this blog now working again in my dashboard. FYI this is my first born blog. This started from 2006. If anyone will going to check my archives, there were posts that was written  under my native language. There were emotions, real stories and a for real diary inside this blog. That's why I really wonder why it was selected to be one of those spam blog. But as per explanation I received, "it's automated" so the accuracy of it is really questionable. Finally that dilemma I have been and almost thought of sending serious protest to blogger now vanished. All I can say is thank you and finally this blog works. But of coarse I learned my lesson hehehe. I am going to back up all my posts just in case same scenario happened, I will not be that depressed again :D.
Thanks Blogger!

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ferryzWILL said...

akalain mong bumalik na rin sya sa dati ♥ hehehe

ganda na ng blog mo kha!! umayos na rin sya kahit pano!!!


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