Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thank You Bru

Thank you for being there all through miles the time that I needed you most. We may not be talking too much but your presence thru fb and you pasweet gesture messages makes me feel okay. Thank you for not taking for granted and for sometimes though I chose to ignore you, you insist putting in yourself in my world. Thanks for not giving up. Thanks because you were there. I opt to tell you anything not because you may not understand or I didn't trusts you. It's just because you were to listen and if worst baka mauna ka pang umiyak saken :p. You know and understand that I only needed someone who listens  in my state of depression. I often talk seriously about life's misfortune (my life indeed!) and you knew that if I did I do burst. When we we're in college I can handle a crybaby who seemed to cry with me if I tell something what about I am hurt into but now that I am a mom I don't think I can tolerate you will going to cry with me too baka mgpanicked ako hehehe. Or maybe I am that stagnant in looking at you as a little girl as always. Who seemed not to know how to cross the street safely, who always have a nanny on the side, who seemed can't attend a night girls/gay out, who can play along with me whenever I felt like being childish and whom I can offer a home whatever and whenever I want to. I know everything has changed. Though I've seen and felt that you were changed a lot, mature enough and responsible enough, I still wanted to treat you as my little sister who still needing me. Despite the times, the problems and a lot of changes you were still there, you were including me in your whole new world. You were considering still my advices, suggestion and evil ideas. I love it. I love how we handle this friendship the way we know . I love how you handle this friendship with me though everyone seemed to disagree being a friend of a mean like me. I love you bru see you soon.

this isn't about a free rotavirus 5 in 1 for baby number 2 huh. hehehe It's just that I feel like I wanted and needs to see you but due to schedule constraints and lots of blah blah, you're presence just made me feel a little better at all.

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