Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope This Will Last the Soonest

As part of the process of pregnancy regarding hormone level changes, I am suffering a something unusual (for me) symptoms. I am well informed and understood about this but still can't help but complain especially I am seeing my skin being tortured as wounds making my skin ugly. Besides this is my second pregnancy that I didn't suffer on my first. That's why I have lots of questions in my mind on where did I am lack of. Ironically though I know such facts still I questioned. Funny how I master my subject in college in particular with maternal and child and now that I am in the that stage I am having a hard time believing theories. Maybe I am just in denial and thinking that I might be exempted. heehee. But I am hoping this little rashes turned to wounds will heal the soonest. I am doing everything natural I can to treat it and reduced the damage into my skin. Also the fact that I am already an adult, wound scar will not vanish by itself at all and I need to exert a lot of effort to bring back the clean skin I used to have. As I kid into others, I don't have that super pretty face nor charm and even  a fair glowing skin that everyone can appreciate once I am seen but the only external features to be noticed is my clean brown skin. Now that it wasn't that clean, I felt like all my confidence turned to its lowest level and I am having a hard time working with the confidence itself if I am seeing such glitch around my legs. Everybody around cheering me up for it will vanish once I gave birth. I understand indeed it will but the marks won't. (sigh). Anyway I still can managed just as long as I am thinking that this ugliness is in exchange of a healthy gorgeous and lovable baby coming out by September.

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