Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Neutral: Avoiding Misunderstandings

Being a stay at home mom means limiting my hangouts with my true and real friends. Of coarse what to expect, I am a mom of a toddler and expecting on the way for the second time around, no more time for going out with friends. The more that I stay at home, the more I get to know my not so good neighbors. I am not good either especially to their eyes or to everyone's eyes in our neighborhood. But this is my blog and my insights has the right to be placed on here. Knowing most of them, especially those that were not so old but not the same age as mine, I am so much thankful I have this life that I chose. Indeed, I now accepted the fact that my current situation is not because I am out of choice but because this is actually what I have chosen. It just too late before I realized the fact. Also being a SAHM, in order to avoid making gossips about others life on my free time (though parang wala naman akong free time), blogging is more addicting and more productive. One more thing, I also see Facebook as a form of virtual gossiping. Not good either. Now I prefer my social networking accounts more of a communication bridge solely. I opted the unnecessary notifications.
Back again, the reason why I wrote this post is about being thankful for always. For the blessings; the trials; the good and the bad that happens in my life and literally for everything. I learned that it is better to look it that way than to keep on complaining of life's offerings. Why I hate so much social interaction outside home. Their delivering bad vibes and instead their convincing me to hate anybody in the community, they were just teaching me to be mad at them. Most of the people around complaining on the life they had right now, to be more of a neutral conversational (those times that I can't find a way to escape), Just keep on saying you have a choice to so the right thing you think you should do. Yeah, that's what they always heard on me. Never give a piece of trash talk or opinion about others. (mahirap na mgkakapitbahay lang kame! hmpf). I only talk to those people I really trusted but sad to say other than my family and real friends, got no other options in the neighborhood.

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