Sunday, November 10, 2013

LAZADA'S Biggest Online Sale 11/11

Philippines, 11th of November 2013:, the biggest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia, today announces the start of theOnline Revolution on 11/11/13 (Monday).
The Online Revolution will take place from 11/11 to 12/12. The concept is based on Cyber Monday from the US: the biggest online shopping day which takes place every Monday after Thanksgiving.The Lazada Online Revolution will be a month full of special events and deals. This event will revolutionize online shopping by giving away great discounts and exciting prices on the website.

The CEO of LAZADAPhilippines, InancBalci said: “Our 12-12-12 campaign last year was very successful with our customers and we decided to make a tradition and movement out of it. This year, we are expanding the scale of the online revolution. Wehave very exciting events and deals with our partners. In short the Online Revolution is set change the old ways of and bring about the superior means of shopping which is online shopping, a one stop solution.”
Every hour from 11AM-11PM, 11 hot deals will be revealedup to 70% off. Apart from that, each hour slot will feature a surprise item that can be purchased for Php11 only! That could be a 32” LED TV, a camera, laptop and other exciting surprises.

There’s even more! Lazada will be giving all VISA cardholders a BIG treat (Credit and Debit cardholders). They can get additional 15% off on ALL items on top of the huge discountsLazada is already giving. Catch it from 2-4pm on 11-11-13. Imagine buying a brand new iPhone 5C for only at Php21,000++ (SRP: Php25,000).

Throughout this lavishing week of great deals, Lazada will even feature a bundle campaign wherein selected items will be bundled with awesome items. Plus, a campaign for branded watches, fashion, mobile and tablets etc. with discounts of up to 70% off.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Share Love with Max

Share love this holiday season with Max Christmas packages.

The sumptuous package will speak for your feeling to a friend or love one you will share it with. Max always offers delightful gifts to everyone. Grab one for you and see it for yourself for its worth sharing.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Problem with a Monetized Blog

Once upon a time a not so writer writing this post enjoys reading blogs. Personal blogs that has real stories and real experiences. She loves blog hopping, truthfully commenting, knowing other bloggers life updates and adventures and learning from their experiences. But that was ONCE UPON A TIME.

As I am having difficulties managing my time being a first time mother and instant two children, my passion in reading other's blogs suddenly disappear. As I recognize upon reading their post becoming more and more of an advertisement. Of coarse I understand, I as well as I am also doing advertised post, but for some I read , no more life story related post. For the sense of earning, the essence of real blogging (I assumed knowing the authors) decreasing its quality. The feelings that used to be incorporated in every post becoming null. I felt sad for I have known some bloggers in the blogosphere whom used to blog to chronicle life experiences.  I am not enjoying reading some blogs anymore if in one glance I saw that it is a sponsored post. Also it so rare that you can see a real helpful link. Most of the links incorporated in a post were advertisement. I am not against advertising and earning thru blogs. Actually I am hoping and praying that my blogging life will be fruitful. The thing that I am concerned about is reading realistic articles. Wrap with emotions posts. I used to read numerous blogs that I've known for years a diary blogs but visiting their blog now is like visiting a newspaper on the net. So dull, emotion less, and more links and ads. I am happy for them , for that means lots of income, but I know I am not the only one who wants to read real stories from their blogs. Especially those blogs that were very helpful such as parenting blog, tips and how to's etc. I guess this is one big disadvantages of bloggers having a Facebook account. They do not write on their blogs to share anymore instead post it on their Facebook account.*sigh*


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