Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Slowly but Surely Comeback

I blog hopped this morning while I am looking after my kids. I dropped to Nene's blog . I feel renewed dropping by on her page. I just realized though most of us me , Jean and Nene domain blogs left undone, Nene continue her blog in a free domain site. Then reading her unstoppable journey makes me feel like I miss blogging again. I have so much to tell. To share. Instagram or  Pinterest  not satisfies me as I share my stories from posting pictures. I still don't have excess time from the hats of being a wife, employee, a mom, a daughter and a friend yet I just realize traveling  more than an hour is enough to complete my posts. Dressing up my blog excites me again. I did lost the opps that makes blogging a plus but I know I can win them back or welcome new ones.
Soon to be mom of two (Ferry) thank you for inspiring me. I will try to update the lovers, Lyxn and Klyd's blog and if not too much I will revive the Mommy Kharen's blog. :)


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