Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Level up Plans

As I get matured and looking at the bigger picture of my little family, I am aiming more and more for my kids. How I can make their life comfortable and the way of their living without neglecting the  things that they should learn in life as they grows. Plan of their studies and more spacious home. My dream of owning our own home seemingly vanish as I have to be more practical and think of other things which is more important. Mom and my eldest brother offer's our ancestral's house. At the same time mom needs someone to accompany her and we can't also afford to be away from mom. Recently mom's another level up proposal is to renovate for the second time of our home. A proposal of new main doorway  and also offers a new side for windows as it is more conducive and more ventilated side of the house. She also advises to look for ideas of window  tinting for homes online or in the nearby home depot. I am enthusiastic for mom's ideas and offers at the same time I feel like kids need a more spacious rooms to play and study. The property is available all we have to do is to maximize the availability of it and plan carefully.  It was mom's suggestion not to get a ling term house loan. Considering that it will be our achievement as a couple yet that would be a long term sweet burden though. And 30 years is not a short period. That will be half of our lives. I was enticed how developers nearby beautify houses around with an ample square foot property. The place that I have right now is more promising than subdivisions houses. Our place is not a depressed area but a residential area. Making the best out of it, designing at my finest touch to satisfy my craving with developers taste of construction and reading some professional tips online. While planning of how to start the renovation, as early as now we are checking for alternative and best ideas for a good design that we will include in our bucket list for renovation .In time all of the plans that's piling up will be coming into reality the sooner.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Hone by Time

Life is a full of crap. Life is unfair. Nothing on earth was made to be perfect. Fact that I know almost everyone knows. Coping up, adaptation, being receptive and acceptance is a key to happiness. That 's what I learned so far in my 30 years of existence. Resistance is not an option, most especially quitting. Keep moving on as one of the line from famous song of the band Paramore. Making things out of it. Appreciate and be thankful. Resolving life puzzles and accepting God's plan no matter how difficult to accept. That's how it goes. Somehow with the people I am with, with the challenges that I overcome and going through, the lessons that life taught me. For sometimes I felt like tired and thought of quitting yet now I know it is not the best way. I can rest, breath and prepare myself for everything. Be it a challenge , a blessing or even just a simple day. Give thanks that my life is moving. Though it may not be the phase I wanted to be I have my uppers to hang on stronger than my life's downers.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Be Courteous Enough

This is not about election topic. There were a lot of bloggers who posted their insights and I don't want to join them anymore because I still value the thought of "taboo ". Sorry but this is just about my thought of disagreeing to a statement pertaining to bloggers.
 I've been blogging for a decade and it doesn't sound good to my ear. I am offended. As a blogger I used to read reviews about anything, you can sense if it will be truthful or just for the sake of a paid post. But if you're not a blogger don't express your opinion as if  it was a fact and to a point of sharing it to others as if it was genuinely FACT. We all have our rights to our opinion but maybe you can think of others may knew a lot better than you do when it comes to a different thing. Again as what the saying goes , if you can't say anything good or just for the sake of humiliating an opinion of the others have the courtesy to keep silent.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Handling Frustrations and Maturity comes with Experiences

It's true that as you go older , handling frustrations and maturity is never easy but due to experiences it was not that difficult to deal with those. Where in times that you wanted to spank, nor shout or react yet you chose to calm down, deep breath and say to yourself this is is just a bad day or that person maybe going into something that you didn't know. Maybe difficult than what you were going through or maybe you are blessed than that person. Being straightforward as an attitude will only comes into place if and if only you almost tried all your diffusing techniques you can for your own emotions but still unable to win against your wit to express. Not talking back not means being a coward but instead in a matter of better addressing more (in my opinion) maturely its valuing yourself. And or the other person at least.
It has been written here a lot of times that I changed a lot. Day 1 that I met my husband. Day 1 that I become a mother. Day 1 that I lost my brother. Those life experiences made me change a lot as a person. One thing I know not yet changing to me, it's writing down my thoughts, frustrations and things that offended me. Whether it's small little issues or big enough to attack such person. I am still writing it down. And I still have the same principle, that if its just me that will be affected, I can bear it but not with my love ones. Writing this down as my easy post while in the van going home makes me feel I am okay. Need not to bring the bad feeling at home. Reading and be reminded about courageous Catie serves as my guide to my journey to earthy life. Thank you angel Catie.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jesus Loves Me

Photo grabbed from Courageous Catie Facebook account

My title was not actually from me. This was from the bravest little girl whom I never met yet impacted my life a huge. I may not seem to be religious nor may obviously reflect God on my doings but I believe to myself that I have a strong faith. I know it wasn't enough just to say that "I have faith". But, incorporating it to my life, daily habits and practice is necessary to show how strong it is.

This blog has been my diary since a decade. I share my thoughts, frustrations , achievements and sadness. This has been left abandoned quite a while when I felt that I cannot make any better to share good thoughts but purely frustrations , anger and negativity. And for all those time I felt shame to myself then I got to know about #courageouscatie . Like as well as to others,she seemed to be an angel to me in a timely manner that makes me realize how lucky I am and I should be grateful as always.

My brother who died of a motorcycle accident

Since 2014 I always told to myself that I was never been okay. Since my brother died, then my mom got sickly, my son had a Hirchsprungs then my eldest daughter got sick followed by my husband as well. And the situation go round and round repeatedly until today. Some has a period, such as the death in the family. But the unstable health condition still continues specially to mom and my kids. I Am financially challenge, physically exhausted and emotionally battered . In time that I get used to heard about this little girl.

My daughter and my mom

Sometime in March this year, mom got hospitalized with enlargement of the heart to consider pleural effusion, got no one to look after the kids, husband and I have to go to work to financially sustain the family. The business just had bankruptcy. When my boss posted a tribute to her posting a yakult bottle. Then I started to stalked jayjay's Instagram and the Facebook page. Each day that I checked whenever I have time , I always cried. From day 1 of being hospitalized until it gets severed then to finally have a diagnosis and up until today. I wasn't with her during her battle but I can feel the pain and how courageous she was.  And I admire her for that courage and wearing a brave clean heart. I admire her parents for raising her that way. And I admire Jesus the most for having created Catie and let the world knew about her in his ways.
I may not be able to write Feliz and Jayjay or show up in Catie's wedding day but in my heart I am so much thankful to the Lucas family for being an inspiration, giving me an ounce of courage and dozen reasons letting me aware how Jesus prepared me to this earthy life and given me a wonderful people in my life. Now, part of our bed time stories and Facebook browsing is the story of Catie that I am sharing to my kids.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Back into Reading

I once love reading. Back when I was young (so matagal na yun lols) and when I was bum at home for my first born, I used t read articles and news online. I am not so much into hard copy such as books nor magazines but time to time I also checked those. But browsing is the most that I love. Things or articles that made me interests makes me keep on coming back on that web page. Recently my love for reading seems coming back. I downloaded ibooks and pdf of the stories , short poems that interests me. I may not look a book worm (cause its not a bookworm db. eBook-worm hehee)  to others and this some sort of a joke but I am. Funny how my interest little by little getting back on me. I think I am starting of getting back my old self.. hehehe


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