Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Handling Frustrations and Maturity comes with Experiences

It's true that as you go older , handling frustrations and maturity is never easy but due to experiences it was not that difficult to deal with those. Where in times that you wanted to spank, nor shout or react yet you chose to calm down, deep breath and say to yourself this is is just a bad day or that person maybe going into something that you didn't know. Maybe difficult than what you were going through or maybe you are blessed than that person. Being straightforward as an attitude will only comes into place if and if only you almost tried all your diffusing techniques you can for your own emotions but still unable to win against your wit to express. Not talking back not means being a coward but instead in a matter of better addressing more (in my opinion) maturely its valuing yourself. And or the other person at least.
It has been written here a lot of times that I changed a lot. Day 1 that I met my husband. Day 1 that I become a mother. Day 1 that I lost my brother. Those life experiences made me change a lot as a person. One thing I know not yet changing to me, it's writing down my thoughts, frustrations and things that offended me. Whether it's small little issues or big enough to attack such person. I am still writing it down. And I still have the same principle, that if its just me that will be affected, I can bear it but not with my love ones. Writing this down as my easy post while in the van going home makes me feel I am okay. Need not to bring the bad feeling at home. Reading and be reminded about courageous Catie serves as my guide to my journey to earthy life. Thank you angel Catie.

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